Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - My 29th Birthday

I turned 29 last Saturday, and celebrated it with a hometown lunch with my parents at the Carriage Housen (their chicken and waffle sandwich was incredible), an art opening at the Neuberger Museum of Art with Roger, and the world's best pie with cider at Mary's with Danielle. I also decided that I am straight up not making any goals for the last year of my 20s. Fuck 30 before 30. I have enough goals without worrying if I'm going to make it to Morocco in the next twelve months. (I hope I will. But I'm not writing that down anywhere.)

Sunday was all about cleaning, prepping for the week (my last at work - more on that soon!), and catching mice. We caught two. Thanks for the help, Virginia Woolf.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - Tattoo at Three Kings

Roger got a new tattoo (his second) at Three Kings on February 22nd. I was pretty surprised, because he told me the night before and I spent months agonizing over decisions way less painful and way less permanent than getting a tattoo, but that's my MO and not his, so we trekked out in the snow to Williamsburg and he got it done as a walk-in.

I was basically a giant ball of anxiety (when am I not, let's be real) and was all, wait, do you seriously want to let a man whose entire office is covered in print outs of a photo of the clown from "It" mark your body for the rest of eternity, but it looks pretty cool in the end.

Here are some pictures.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - Lectures in Brooklyn

It was a lovely weekend where I kept sleeping. Seriously - I slept for 13 hours on Friday night and 11 hours on Saturday night. Somehow, come Monday, I am still tired. And yes, I am going to the doctor for this. No worries, folks.

On Saturday, we went to two great talks: Africa's Out!: A discussion between Wangechi Mutu and Wanja Muguongo, at MoCADA and a discussion at the Brooklyn Museum between Kim Drew, Devin Kenny, and Sondra Perry about the ways in which black contemporary artists engage social media. And the rest of the weekend we did things like this:

Friday, February 6, 2015

{This Moment}

A Friday ritual inspired by Amanda Soule & many others.
Please feel free to share a link to your own moment in the comments.

Recap of this week on Not Intent On Arriving: 
  • I've finally finished my recaps of our New Year's trip to Georgia and South Carolina. Have a read here (and use the link at the bottom to move through the trip) if you'd like to hear about Charleston and Savannah! 
  • I also wrote about my first Super Bowl party, in Oxford, England of all places.
  • This week's Writer Wednesday is Kelley Aiken, a wonderful writer and artist. After over a year of interviews, she's actually the last person on my list. If you'd like to be interviewed, or know someone else would you be, let me know, because I'd love to keep this going!
Writing Elsewhere: 
  • I have the cover article of my hometown newspaper this week, writing about my ten-year high school reunion. I think it's only the second time I've had the cover story, so I'm pretty excited!
I hope you have a great weekend! It's supposed to be a cold one here in NY, so I'm planning on a lot of relaxation and maybe a museum or two.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Southern New Year - Atlanta, GA

Saturday, January 3, 2015
After a lovely morning sleeping late at the Ritz Carlton, we grabbed doughnuts at Sublime. And they were - perfectly delicious doughnuts!

After that, we headed to one last museum before the airport, the Carlos Museum. They had some incredible textiles and sculptures. And also this awesome mummy:

After that, we returned our rental car and headed to the airport. Overall, it was an incredible trip to an area we'd never been before. My only regret is that I think each of the places deserved a week on its own! I'd love to come back for a more leisurely trip one day soon.