Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Growing Where You Are Planted

I spend a lot of time half-wishing I was in Europe or Africa or some other far-off place, and with good reason. Driving home today, though, I realized that in my desire to be away, I often miss the beauty that is right around me everyday.

It's getting to be spring in New York, and my neighborhood is absolutely bursting with forsythia and dogwood and a variety of other blooming things. Along the Hudson River, the trees are all budding, creating a really lovely mix of greenery and bare branches over the water and along the mountains. And of course, the entire ride down the state is dotted with farmhouses, white clapboard and brick, sitting regally on top of perfectly angled fields.

It's all a beautiful reminder of new growth and rebirth, and the wonderful things you can find right nearby if you're only looking.

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  1. I also spend a lot of time wishing I was elsewhere (although, since I'm in Indiana, I feel like I'm slightly justified). But the Hudson Valley is one of the places I frequently wish I was instead of where I am. So enjoy it, lady!