Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

In another attempt to update more regularly, I've decided that Mondays should be devoted to whatever weekend journeys were enjoyed on the two days prior. Sometimes this is a proper weekend trip, but more often, I suspect it will just be a briefing on how I spend my free time.

We're on summer hours at work, which means I have Friday afternoons off until the middle of August. I haven't been particularly good about spending these afternoons wisely, but I'm doing my best, and this Friday, I had a lovely long lunch with Sarah in Central Park. We picked up sandwiches and the most wonderful eponymous French cookies at MacarOn. I've longed for those bright, beautiful cookies for ages, and was so glad to try the honey-lavender and rose flavors. If only I could find a good, easy to make recipe. I'd hoped to check out the Race to the End of the Earth exhibit, since I'm fascinated by all things early travel, but I felt I wouldn't have enough time to properly see that and make my train, so I headed back, stopping for a steamed milk at the Peekskill Coffee House before meeting Roger and enjoying a quiet evening (aka: falling asleep really early).

We spent S
aturday morning being very practical, checking out apartments, going to the farmers' market, and doing some banking. In the evening, we met up with Rachel for the Peekskill Jazz & Blues Festival, where we really only sat through Sage's show, and saw a few others on and off, all of which were quite good. We all enjoyed an indulgent dinner at Birdsall House. All the food was a nice mixture of savory and sweet, particularly the maple & bacon ice cream. They have a great selection of beers, and although the food was pricey, I'd definitely go back again, especially if they decided to have a trivia night sometime soon. After the very filling dinner, we happened upon Jess and Leo, Roger's friends from work, and hung out with them for a bit.

Sunday I cleaned, gardened, and generally tried to be productive, which led to the creation of four reusable snack bags. I followed Amy Karol's tutorial, and they were a great project to get me started sewing. The tutorial was clear and adorable, and the project takes almost no time. I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a quick way to pass a little time, or a more sustainable way to pack your lunch. I used a bright blue striped flannel, and I'm so addicted that I want to make one for everyone I know. That evening, we went over to Allison and Dan's for dinner and a Mad Men viewing. I won't give anything away, in case you haven't seen it yet, but this week's episode is much, much better than the season premier last week.

Overall, a calm, catching-up sort of weekend. That's to say, "a good one."

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