Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

This weekend we actually did take a little weekend trip, to Pennsylvania for our friend Erica's graduation party. First though, on Friday, I finished knitting my first sweater. It's not properly done yet (still waiting on buttons to arrive from Slovenia), but once it is, I'll post some pictures here and on Ravelry. It turned out quite well, and I'm immensely proud of it, because knitting is something I taught myself completely, and I never really thought I'd be able to do anything but ugly scarves, so each project is a special triumph for me, and my first sweater was especially pleasing. Just for the record, now I'm cable knitting a hat, which is much easier than I'd expected. I know I did some other things on Friday, but none of them hold a candle to that, so I'll leave it here.

On Saturday, before heading to PA, Roger participated in his first ever dragon boat race. We had to leave before his second race, but he and his team won the first round. We ended up mostly sitting on the river and talking for a few hours before they raced (one of the boats sunk and that put a crimp in the day's schedule), but it was a nice way to spend a morning. We met our friends Matt and Cece and all piled into the Mustang for a sunny drive to White Haven. Once there, we had some delicious food and massive slices of Erica's cake, relaxed on her community playground, and took a canoe out for a little jaunt on the lake. Cece and I discovered that a good see-saw is pretty much the greatest thing ever invented. I'd never been to a party at a beach, and it's pretty much the perfect location for one. I think I was secretly meant to live in New England and go to clam bakes every summer. We spent the night at Dave's house in Mountain Top, and went to Crossroads Bar and had cheap beer and got hassled before heading to sleep for the night.

On Sunday morning, Dave's parents very kindly made us a wonderful breakfast with some of the best hash browns I've ever had (the secret is using butter AND oil). We then toured Mountain Top in the daylight. The town goes rapidly from very suburban with lots of strip malls to pretty rural with dirt roads, and reminded us a little of some parts of upstate New York. They have a very good ice cream place, Mountain Freeze, where you can get sundaes, dipped cones, and smoothies at really good prices, and which is right in front of Abe's Hot Dogs. We didn't actually eat there, but apparently it's pretty good. After watching part II of the cinematic masterpiece mini-series event that is Merlin, we wandered around Dave's high school grounds, and made our way back to New York for another Sunday dinner and Mad Men. It was a great, but exhausting weekend.

*The middle two photos are stolen from Erica's facebook, and used completely without her permission, but with the hopes that she won't mind.