Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Most Versatile Blogger Award

Carlea of Hour of Gold kindly bestowed the Most Versatile Blogger Award on me (along with four other great blogs), and since I'm all about building community (even online) and because I love the word versatile, I'm going to pass it along. First, though, since I won't re-give the award to her, I'm just going to say that Carlea's blog is one of my very favorites. She updates about her life, reviews movies and coffee shops, and each Friday gives us a short piece of her spectacular fiction. If you aren't reading it already, you should start right now.

Okay, the award rules. First, I give seven factoids you might not know about me. Then, I pass the honor of Most Versatile Blogger on to five blogs I love. You can feel free to see it as a "tag," but also, I won't be surprised or offended if you don't pass it on. I get behind that, and mostly, I just wanted to share some of my favorite blogs here.

Seven Facts:
  1. I don't really want to be a travel-writer, regardless of how this blog started out. I love traveling, but doing too much of it exhausts me. And until this blog starts making me the megabucks, the big trips I expected to write on are a little out of my writing budget.
  2. I really enjoy practicing yoga, and started doing it when I was a sophomore in high school.
  3. For my 23rd birthday, my friends bought me a worm-composting system.
  4. My favorite souvenirs (right now) are Christmas decorations and ornaments. This is because I enjoy seeing how other cultures celebrate, and I love holiday markets, and I think it's the one place that kitsch is really allowable.
  5. I've been thinking about adding a weekly feature to the blog where I write about interesting travel products. It feels a little materialistic and silly, though, so I'm still undecided.
  6. I can trace my ancestry back to 1604.
  7. I really enjoy taking classes, especially now that I'm not as type-A about them as I once was.

Most Versatile Blogger Awards:

  • No Wonders - Okay, yes, there's some nepotism in this award, but Roger Arnold's blog is one of the few art blogs I can read all the way through. His art-choices and his words are both interesting and accessible, and the images are always fantastic. Even if you hate art (like the author of a certain blog you're reading right now), you'll like this blog.
  • SouleMama - My friend Liz sent me a recipe from Amanda Soule's website, and from that moment, I was hooked. Each entry feels like a conversation over tea with a close friend, warm and comforting. It's also where {This Moment} was started. (Hint: if you're looking for recipes, you'll find plenty of extremely healthy ones at my favorite food blog, Crisp and Verdant. SouleMama is a little more holistic.)
  • Happy Sighs - I found Liz (who also runs Betsy Ann Paper) while she was moderating comments on A Practical Wedding, and although I've only been reading for a short time, I love her quick, witty, and insightful entries. She's another stranger that already feels like a friend.
  • Sarah Lawrence Girls - Started by a classmate and friend of mine at SLC, Lauren Palmor (who has her own art blog at The Art Object), this blog features ephemera relating to an issue very dear to my heart, pre-coed Sarah Lawrence. Of course, the school is still amazing now, but there's something so charming about these wonderful early images.
  • The Order of Things - Another classmate-friend, Sarah Shoemake, started this lovely blog a year ago, to appreciate the finer things in life. Though I mentioned earlier that I'm worried about being materialistic in a travel products entry, Sarah's blog never feels materialistic. In fact, it seems to move beyond the material to true beauty.

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  1. Hi Kristin-- I just saw this. Thank you so much for the kind mention! I love reading about your adventures. bises-LP