Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Family Reunion

The long weekend delayed this post, and then my poetry class delayed it even further, so in the hopes that I'll be able to sleep a little before going to work tomorrow, this is going to be a shorter-than-planned entry. I bet you'll appreciate my brevity, considering that this weekend was spent with my large extended family in Pennsylvania.
Every year on Labor Day weekend, we gather for a three-day-long party to celebrate being a family. We play horseshoes and badminton, drink birch beer from a keg, catch up on the latest news, and eat. And eat and eat. Pork sandwiches, ravioli, pepper cookies, all made by hand on a pasta board just like the ones my great-grandfather made for his daughters. It's a celebration less of Italian culture than of our own, personal culture and the people in it, from our ancestors down to the newest additions. Though my family, like all families, is crazy, they're also funny and warm and interesting and constantly changing. It's always the perfect end to summer, and a wonderful way to begin autumn.

Now, if only the weather would realize it and stop with the 90 degree heat already!

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