Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Late Nights

This was a weekend of late nights. After work on Friday, some coworkers and I went a happy hour at the Galway Hooker to celebrate the many promotions in our department. I certainly don't love midtown bars, but to help combat my cold, I ordered a plain cranberry juice, which ended up being really refreshing, and the waiter didn't flinch, which I appreciated. Once I was sufficiently buzzed from the juice, I headed uptown with Roger and my colleague Katie for a lecture on After the Fall at the Bohemian National Hall (aka: the Czech Center of NY). The center was very stylish and modern, but the exhibit upstairs didn't really do anything for me. We gathered up a few people (Leo, Raluca and Matija Brumen) and rounded out the evening at Radegast, before miraculously making the 12:08am train home. And yes, staying out until 1:30am is late for me.

Saturday I did an interview for an upcoming story in the Mahopac News, and searched fruitlessly for fabric. I'm looking to make some new things (namely a gift and Halloween bunting), but can't find any around here, and I'm not really in love with ordering fabric online right now. I'll search the garment district soon, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Frustrated with my search, I tried in vain to cross some things off my to-do list, and ended up just being cranky for a while before cleaning. In the evening, I headed over to the museum to do a photoshoot for Jess and Roger as a present for Leo. We then gathered with Chris Jones at Leo's to say goodbye. He's returning to Romania as I write this, and I should just say that it was wonderful meeting him and Raluca, and I have some fantastic memories from this summer, in particular, the dragon boat race. Saying goodbye to them was sad for everyone, but the cake we had (sort of a fancy version of my favorite cake in the world), and Raluca's recipe for pizza dipping sauce (chop up garlic, stir into plain yogurt) made it all worth it.

I woke up a little late on Sunday morning, and wrote the aforementioned article as quickly as possible, and enjoyed a fresh bagel as slowly as possible. Roger and I then headed up to Beacon for the Beacon Open Studios. It began at Hudson Beach Glass, which is always lovely and had some really gorgeous glass pumpkins (have I said yet that I'm obsessed with holiday decorations?), and continued on Main Street though a bunch of galleries and open studios. Main Street had also turned into an enormous street fair, and it was nice to be in a crowd where everyone seemed to know each other. The street fairs in the city may be bigger, but it's pretty rare for people to spontaneously run into each other at them, I think. Many of the open studios were interesting, and as always, it's wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying art. I came home and made a fresh apple pie using Carlea's recipe for dough and apples that my parents got while they spent the weekend at the Bellinger Rose B&B in Herkimer visiting family friends.

The leaves have yet to change, and it was still pretty warm, but I felt clearly that this was the first official weekend of fall. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season now!

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