Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Hudson Valley, NY

This Friday evening was spent at happy hour with some colleagues (one of whom was recently featured in New York Magazine's Look Book), followed by dinner with one of my closest friends from college at Menchanko-Tei, which was actually quite good and fairly affordable (especially considering we split a bottle of wine).

Saturday was mostly a resting day, running errands, knitting, and generally crossing things off my omnipresent to-do list until that evening, when I met up with Roger for a pig roast at the Peekskill Hat Factory. We saw the studios of our friends Jo-Ann and Chris, and watched a man juggle fire before taking a quick stroll around the exhibit they'd set up, which featured a few interesting drawings of bones, a curvy wood lamp, and some really lovely pottery. And the pork was quite good also.

On Sunday, Cece, Roger and I picked up our friend Rob at the train station and made our way to Bear Mountain, where they are having Oktoberfest each weekend until the end of October. We had a very nice time (despite not climbing the mountain), and enjoyed the food and beer (Rob and Roger each had three liters of it in their newly acquired beer steins), but I don't think I'd recommend it unless you were planning to go hiking or do something else at the same time, or just really, really love beer and sausage. I'd expected there to be more traditional German music (the band played "America the Beautiful" not once, but twice while we were there) and crafts (think a tag sale of junk for eight-year-olds), and was a little disappointed on that end. Still, it was nice to see Rob, who is living in the city and getting his PhD at Columbia, and to be outside in the beautiful weather. We followed it up with more eating and drinking, this time at a sushi place and the Peekskill Brewery.

Overall, I'd say any weekend that involves that much sushi has to be considered a success.

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