Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life List

I started writing my life list in 2006, and I remember thinking that I wanted most of the things on the list to be at least sort of attainable, and to really be something I wanted to do. I have a ton of amazing friends who have gone skydiving, but honestly, I just don’t ever want to jump out of a moving plane, and being okay with that was part of coming to terms with the life list. I’m pretty obsessed with To-Do lists and packing lists and playlists and all sorts of other lists, so it makes sense that this seemed like a good idea.

So, I wrote it, and was quite content with it, and ended up scratching off a good number of things on it in the very next year.

Then, after 2008, things stopped getting crossed off. It wasn’t really that I stopped trying, because most of the things I’d done before that weren’t much about trying, they’d just been things to which I’d said “yes.” I’m not sure if fewer lucky opportunities arose after 2008, because I’ve been saying yes my whole life, but regardless, I stopped accomplishing things on it, and more or less stopped even looking at the list, though it remained in my mind.

Once I started blogging, though, and saw all the amazing life lists in this community (Better In Real Life and Beauty that Moves are the ones that really brought it to my attention, but the big list that everyone seems to like is over at Mighty Girl, and I just discovered About To Be, who has an epic one as well), it renewed my desire to start crossing things off and writing new things in. The first step was to take a look over my goals from nearly half a decade ago.

Some of them don’t fit at all anymore, and are things I can’t even remember really wanting to do. Others are still very much on my list, but can’t, for whatever reason, be attained right now. I was glad to see the ones I’ve been able to cross off, but was even more surprised to find the things I’ve done that weren’t on the list. Start a magazine? Check. Backpack across Europe? Check. Study at Oxford? Check.

This is all a long way of saying that I’m getting back on the Life List wagon. I’ll be editing my list over the next few months, and hopefully writing every so often about it, either by telling the stories of what I’ve done, or explaining what I want to do. I’d love any of your suggestions, and to hear what’s on your personal lists, also. If there’s any way we can all work together to help each other on our lists, I think that would be amazing.

…Okay, go.

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