Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Out & About

It's not exactly the weekend, but I want to mention that I went to a Burlesque Blowout put together by the Fiction Circus and Caper Literary Journal last Wednesday, and it was fantastic. As Kevin knows, one of the things I don't love about the Fiction Circus is its hatred toward poetry, which, after an admittedly hilarious explanation by John Thorton, I understand, but still think is wrong. This reading cleared that up a little with some poetry from the Caper Literary Journal and the Poetry Brothel, along with some great burlesque. And, before that, I bought boots (the first attractive and comfortable pair I own!) and ate dumplings with Jess. Basically, it was the greatest Wednesday in the history of Wednesdays.

Friday also proved to be wonderful, starting with a post-work happy hour at the Rattle and Hum. I don't love midtown bars (who does?), but I do love my coworkers. And I love being able to say that. I left after one drink and headed uptown to Roger's bosses' apartment for a film screening and dinner party. The films were interesting, and it was nice to talk to some new people. His coworker Jess also met the subject of one of her papers, which was probably the highlight of her Friday evening, so that was fun to witness.

Saturday I helped the family put up some Christmas lights, wrote an article, and procrastinated on applications before meeting up with Beth for a fantastic evening of Settlers of Catan at her house. I hadn't seen her in ages, so that, combined with the powers of the amazing game, made for a wonderful evening.

Sunday was a bit more of the same, except it ended with me actually sort of starting an application, which was surprising and wonderful. More of that will happen during the long week. I promise. Also, if we're being honest, probably some shopping. I'm trying to buy more homemade this holiday, but I also enjoy browsing and being in the middle of the holiday rush for a bit. I spent Sunday evening at an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, which was much more religious than any of the candlelight interfaith services I went to at Oxford. I was covering it for a story, and it sort of forced me to come to terms with my relationship to religion a little bit more than I have in the past. I won't go into the gory details, but I'm really on the outs with organized religion, and I realized yesterday that the last three times I was in a church were for two funerals and a wedding that ended in divorce less than a year later. So, naturally, I came into the service with my own baggage. While I'm glad I went, and thought it was a nice ceremony and that everything that was said was very nice, it really isn't my thing.

Here's to a good Thanksgiving week!


  1. Those boots just reminded of those epic furry boots you had in Oxford. Love ya, KM.

  2. Oh man, Carlea. These boots are a million times more comfortable than those. I still have nightmares about how painful those were. Remember that time that I limped two and a half miles home? God, those boots were cute.