Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a lovely long weekend. With five days off, it was the first time I've had more than three days in a row off since June, and I was thrilled with the extra time. Most of Wednesday was spent baking and putting together the side dishes I offered to make. Of the recipes I tried, I would only really recommend one - the corn pudding. It was light and filling and made a perfect side dish or lunch item. I cut myself on the chestnuts three times (roasting them is harder than it sounds!), and I still think it was worth it. That recipe makes a ton, so get ready for leftovers (which actually keep remarkably well). A pecan pie I made looked beautiful, but turned out to be a little undercooked. We didn't discover this until we cut into it on Thanksgiving, though. That evening, I bragged about it to Shelby and April at Desert Sun's bar. They make good margaritas. Really good margaritas.

Thanksgiving itself was very nice. Liz hosted it at her house, and my family brought my sister's boyfriend. Liz had prepared espresso martinis and an appetizer of cranberry goat cheese, which were delicious, along with a brined turkey and her famous sweet potato puree. We provided a few side dishes, and seven pies. Yes, you heard me. Seven pies for six people. Needless to say, we didn't finish them. It was a quiet, enjoyable evening.

Friday morning was spent putting up Christmas decorations (my little apartment is filled with fake pine and string lights, just the way I like it). I really enjoy putting all my ornaments on the tree just-so. I started collecting them during my travels, and each one brings up really nice memories of the place where it was found. I did absolutely no shopping (though I did update my amazon wishlist, in case anyone wants to buy me a present!), so Black Friday didn't really affect me at all, but I did get a bit further in my applications, which made me feel a little better about the state of my life. In the evening, Theresa, Cece, and Rachel joined us for some pie (are you shocked?). It was really nice to see and catch up with everyone, and I think they enjoyed the pie as much as we did.

Saturday I woke up early and proceeded to work on more applications before Leah made her way down from Boston. We chatted with her and had our usual adventures before heading out to get Mexican food for dinner. Desert Sun (yes, I went twice in four days) was decorated for Christmas and looked lovely, but the meal wasn't as good as I'd remembered from a few months ago, but it was still Mexican (which I'd been craving), and so that was enough. I hope you won't be too surprised to hear that when we returned, we enjoyed pie again, with J.J. and Kali joining us for dessert and a game of Apples-to-Apples.

This morning, after dropping Leah off at the train, my family and I headed north to Bilmar Nurseries, where we picked out and chopped down our Christmas tree. The trees weren't as big as they were last year, but we still found a really gorgeous one. It was a clear, cool day, and the nurseries were empty, so it was ideal for searching around. I'm always amazed by how beautiful things are right here, and seeking out a Christmas tree today was really the embodiment of it. Fall passed so quickly, and I know winter always lasts longer than we want it to, but as my days grow more hectic, I've so appreciated being able to stop and look around. Winter, if nothing else, slows us down and lets us stop and look around. I know this is going to be a wonderful one.

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