Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This week, I'm thankful for a new name for this feature, which I will now call "Gratituesday," and for the fact that I can crack myself up by combining the words gratitude and Tuesday.

And also for the upcoming holiday, which, in the middle of all my stresses, feels a little like a beacon of calm. I know that sounds counter-intuitive. Usually by this time I would be worried about sending out my cards, or putting together gifts, or organizing our annual party, or finding a dress for New Years. With everything else going on, though, these things have just been really enjoyable. I think that's because I've realized I don't need to do any of them. I'm doing them because I value doing them, and that's taken away all the stress.

I did have to let some things go, of course. I wanted to knit hats for my sister and her boyfriend, and a shawl for my mother, and if even the hats get done, that will be a surprise. I also wanted to make laundry detergent and sew some reusable sandwich bags, and again, that's probably just not going to happen this year. And while I'm sad not to be getting them done, I know they'll happen when they happen. Even if they happen in the depths of February when all of this is fading into the easy, boring nights of winter.

For now, I'm simply thrilled to have my tree and decorations up, invitations out for the party, and Christmas cards well on their way to done. Listening to Bing Crosby and Sufjan Stevens, I'm so grateful for a truly serene holiday.

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