Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life List Accomplished Number 9: Attend a Black Tie Event

When I wrote this list, I’d actually already been to one black tie event, my prom, and knew I’d be going to Roger’s prom later that year.

What I really meant, I guess, was an adult black tie event, and when my friend Sal read about the desire on my facebook profile while he was studying at Oxford, he wrote to me and said, “If you want to go to a black tie event, study at Oxford. They seem to have them every week!” He was correct (of course, Sal always is), and I counted the Bright Young Things Ball at the Oxford Union as my real black tie event. I missed Queer Bop at Wadham for it, which was a bit sad, but I met some incredibly interesting people, wore high heels all night, and took a taxi-cab home, so I count the evening as phenomenal success.

Looking back, I don't think a college formal can truly count as an adult black tie event, either. Perhaps it should go back on the list...

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