Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Produce Produce Produce

Oh, weekends of trying to be productive when all I want is to be out and about celebrating. On Friday, I had to cancel drink plans I'd made weeks ago with a friend I never see, so I could write an article. I know it's my choice to write so many every week, and I know I should have written this one earlier, but sometimes it just sucks, and since this was the second weekend in a row where I was in the exact situation, I was not a happy girl. But, I plowed on, had a good dinner at a museum potluck, and wrote my little heart out until 2:30 in the morning. So, yes, it was late anyway. At least I managed to take lunch and get to the post office to mail out my Christmas cards that day.

I slept late on Saturday, and spent the most of the day getting applications in order (including a rushed trip to the post office to overnight a forgotten supplement), and writing a second article. With that finished, I ran to do some unsuccessful Christmas shopping. I'd hoped to be able to make most of my gifts this year, and buy the rest homemade, but that hasn't happened. I'm amazed at how difficult it's been to live consciously since moving upstate. With less time and less (in-person) access to the markets I love, it's been a struggle, and I'm sad to say I haven't done a good job with it. Hopefully the new year will be better for it. I'm certainly hoping things will slow down a bit in January. I returned home mostly empty-handed, and had a dinner of Chinese food with my parents and Roger. Then, I tried unsuccessfully to write a third article, and went to sleep early in frustration.

Sunday was certainly the best of the weekend. Since I'd gone to sleep so early, I woke up at 7:30am well-rested, and lay in bed listening to the rain outside for about a half hour. It was quiet, and peaceful, and a much-needed moment. Then, I set about writing the final article of the weekend, which passed far more quickly than any of the others, and I was free by 9am. I went with my family to drive Liz down to the city to stay in a fancy hotel, and miraculously, the rain stopped just as we arrived in Manhattan. We saw the Rockefeller Center tree, which was much, much more beautiful than it has been in the past few years (and came from our town), and spent some time in Macy's looking for a coat for my sister, successfully. I work right in this area, and couldn't come up with a good place to get lunch, so we had hot dogs from a street vendor, and headed back upstate, where I passed the evening doing pretty much nothing. A wonderful ending to a weekend that didn't seem like it could ever be wonderful!

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