Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: Quiet Evenings

It was a nice, quiet weekend. On Friday, Roger and I went to the Peekskill Brewery for a celebratory drink (he was accepted into a masters program for art history last week) and dinner. I tried some Christmas ale (when I get seasonal, I get seriously seasonal), which was really good, if a bit heavier than I usually like. I'm getting more into dark brews and stouts lately, which makes me think I'm becoming more mature in my beer tastes. Maybe I'll start home brewing next. Okay, maybe not. We skipped a poetry reading we were planning to attend to head home and get some work done. And by get some work done, I mean, interview two people for the paper and watch House.

When I woke up late on Saturday, I realized that by not doing any work on Friday and by waiting for two hours to do a third interview on Saturday morning, I would have to skip my coworker's holiday party so I could get the articles out of the way. I was not a happy lady, but if there's one thing I like to think I'm alright at, it's acknowledging my mistakes, and not writing more on Friday was a mistake. Things went slowly and I didn't get nearly as much as I'd hoped to finished by the end of the day, but by the time Roger came over with an acorn squash for dinner (one half each, baked with butter, brown sugar - so good), I was finished with one article and several Christmas cards. I finished the second article later that night.

This morning, I worked on pages for the print issue of Call & Response (so excited, you guys!) with my sister, who I discovered really loves to collage. We don't spend much time together, so it was nice to find some common ground there. I worked some on applications after that. I'm at that point in them where I have everything together, I just need to get it in to the right places, and I'm dragging my feet. I'm not sure why, since I'm usually much more on top of these things, but I've been a little anxious over it. I finished (or, come on, so close to finished that it counts - just need to mail a few things in tomorrow) the three that are due on Dec. 15th, which leaves me with five more to finish before we leave for vacation.* I think I can do it. The evening was spent at the museum, watching a puppet show by Vit Horejs. I really don't love puppets (they terrify me, actually), but this was pretty good and nonviolent (the terror started from Punch & Judy, I think), so I'm glad to have gone.

Now, some dinner, more applications, and possibly making Roger take a picture to put in our Christmas cards as a joke. I'm afraid no one will think it's funny, but I might do it anyway.

*Oh, didn't I mention? We finally booked plane tickets for our post-Christmas vacation! Details to come.

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