Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Fahnestock State Park

I had a wonderful, long weekend, starting with pizza and ending with winter sports. After saying goodbye to Rachel and Jackie on Friday (both are leaving our humble hometown for new and fabulous adventures) with some pizza and wine, Saturday I went to a Lia Sophia party at Shelby's mother's house. I wasn't in love with much of the jewelry, and the few pieces I did really like were prohibitively expensive, but I did buy a pair of earrings, and hanging out with Shelby was really great. It's the great sadness of my life that most of my friends live two hours or more away, and so any time I have a chance to see Shelby is a good one. I also discovered a love for Carlo Rossi jug-sangria. Oh my. Needless to say, Roger picked me up that evening.

Sunday was nice and relaxing. I've been working on cooking lately, and Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything has been deeply helpful. I used to find cooking very stressful, but the past few meals have just been relaxing, and I credit Bittman's book with that. For Shelby's party, I made Sweet Potato with Pecan & Goat Cheese appetizers, and had Rachel and Jackie for homemade pizza on Friday. Sunday was a big pasta dish, with cabbage and white beans (along with my father's kalamata olive and garlic bread). Nothing has been quite perfect, but it's all been good and not involved any panic attacks, so I consider them all quite the successes. After the big dinner, Roger and I headed over to the brewery to see a friend's band, Phineas and the Lonely Leaves, play a quick show. I don't go to many concerts, but I, for one, thought it was awesome.

Monday, which I had off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, was my first adventure in snowshoeing, and it was such a lot of fun. I went with Cece to Fahnestock Winter Park, and we each rented a pair and started on the easier of the two snowshoeing trails they have there. We quickly lost sight of it when it crossed a cross-country ski path, and so wandered around on the ski trails for a while, until we caught up with the advanced trail, part of the Appalachian Trail.* The warning sign at the beginning warned us that the trail would take 2 hours, giving us only just enough time to get back to the lodge before the rentals ran out, even if we didn't get lost, and that we would face steep descents and obstacles along the way. It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done, but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, and we made it down with plenty of time to spare. The views were nice, but it was the activity of it that was definitely the most fun for me. I'm not sure I'll be running out to buy a pair this weekend, but I'd consider it for the future. It was a great activity, and seems to be much more suitable for the average Joe than skiing, though it is undoubtedly a bit slower.

*I'd like to hike the Appalachian Trail for real one day, but I don't think this counts.

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