Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Moosic, PA

This weekend was low-key and lovely. After a really excellent round of ice skating in Bryant Park on our lunch break on Thursday (I truly, truly can't say how happy I am to be working here), I caught up with my very old friend (we met when I was five), Lauren, over delicious pizza on Friday evening. She lives within walking distance of me, but we've probably only seen each other three or four times since I moved here a year and a half ago. We're both really busy, but it's so nice to know that there are people you can just pick up with right where you left off.

Saturday I met Erica and her awesome little brother, JQ, for coffee at Panera. First, I just want to say a thing about Panera: you can refill your coffee cup as much as you want, and if you sit there long enough, they bring out free cookies. At least the one in Moosic, PA does, which puts it on my list of awesome places to meet up randomly with friends from NEPA. Now, to the meeting. Erica happened to randomly be visiting her parents right near where I happened to randomly be going to a baby shower. I hadn't seen her since she left for New Zealand, so I was extremely happy to get to chat with her for a bit. In case you haven't heard, she's just about the most awesome girl ever.

Then, it was time for babies. My cousin, Kachina, is expecting a little Madilyn in February, and so I gathered with some of my other cousins at her shower. It was the first baby shower I've been to as an adult, and we all had a lovely time. Her mother, Joann, told a particularly heartwarming story about Kachina's own birth, which was being filmed for a documentary about Joann and her ASL interpreter, who was also pregnant at the same time. When it came time for Joann to deliver Kachina, the cameraman passed out, and another had to be found. Joann says, "I'm the one in labor, and he passes out?" We played baby bingo and some inordinately difficult word games, and Kachina opened a mountain of presents, each of which we think Madilyn will absolutely love. Oh, and there were cupcakes. Kachina majored in baking & pastry at the Culinary Institute of America, and her skills were well used this weekend on dozens of beautiful cupcakes.

Sunday was a day of relaxing and setting things in order. Roger came over after work, and we had an enormous meal of falafel & hummus sandwiches, couscous with broccoli and walnuts, and white wine-curried cabbage & carrots. I think I've said before that I've been trying to cook more, with pretty good results, and although we had enough food to feed about 6 people, I'm really quite proud of the meal. It's a process, this 5-7 years self-improvement. Judging from the food and conversation, though, we're getting there.

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