Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life List Accomplished: No. 35, Sleep in an RV

I hope you guys all enjoyed hearing about our New Years trip to Europe.  Hopefully we'll be back on a more normal blogging schedule now.  Thanks for all your comments on our trip - we really had a wonderful time!

Me in front of our room at Lucky Lake.
When I was growing up, my next-door neighbor had the coolest house and yard.  I still think it's about the greatest place ever (coincidentally, I still live next door to it, so that probably helps), and I'll explain one day why it's more than just "the grass is always greener."  Perhaps then, it's because her parents had a VW camper in their backyard that I always wanted to sleep in an RV.  She and her family are fairly outdoorsy, and so sleeping in a car (which is really what RV-ing is) seemed as natural as the es-cargo roof topper they had on their station wagon.  And also, what could be cooler than a car that has a bed?  Nothing, that's what.

So on the life list it went.  And then, in 2007, I was able to cross it off when Roger and I met up in Amsterdam.  Going for a popular holiday weekend, all the hostels we could find in the central city were booked up, so we spent our first night with a friend studying there, and the last two nights at the Lucky Lake hostel and campgrounds, about a half-hour outside the city center in Abcoude, NL.  It was pretty inaccessible without a car or bike, (and now that the bus we used a few times seems to have stopped running there, it's probably even more inaccessible).  They did have a shuttle, but we were SO cheap then at the 2 euro it cost us each way seemed really extravagant.
Roger says, "No pictures." I say, "How often do you get to stay in an RV?"
But, it was also really charming.  It had a sculpture of a blue elephant right outside our door, and friendly (if probably stoned) staff.  And, anything it lacked was instantly made up by the fact that the "rooms" were actually a caravan of RVsYes, you heard me.  It was amazing.  I loved how neatly everything tucked away in the tiny room, and how enclosed everything felt, both in the RV and in the circular caravan.  Comforting.

Would I ever stay there again?  No, probably not.  I think if I visit Amsterdam again, we'll stay in a real hotel in the center of the city.  I seem to be moving ever further away from my days of broke-college-travel, so much so that I actually looked into going to a fancy all-inclusive in Mexico recently.  The shared shower, squeeky beds, and long distance from city-center means it isn't really for me anymore.  But, did it help me a achieve a life goal?  Yes, yes it did.  And for that, I'll always be grateful for Lucky Lake.


  1. I've always had a (unrequited) fascination with RVs. We keep talking about driving around America in one for the Summer when my son is older. By then,it will probably have to be a solar-powered RV to make it still affordable (!),but I do hope we get around to it... if for no other reason than to check it of MY list! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You've checked it off your list! Congrats! And you never have to do it again. Double YAY. Jealous of your trip!

  3. I've always wanted to travel in an RV... you're so lucky that you got to sleep in one! I have never even been inside of one before but I think it would be so fun.