Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Collage, Cyborg, Corpse: Conference in Indiana

Thanks to anyone visiting from Lauren's blog today! Just so you're caught up, I spoke at a conference at Indiana University this weekend, so I'm recounting the trip, day-by-day this week.  If you're interested in reading more about the conference, we've written all about it over at Call & Response.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 - New York to Minnesota to Indiana

Bloomington, IL to Bloomington, IN
I left New York on Thursday morning ready to take Indiana by storm.  My flight was fine, though a woman with two young daughters who cried most of the way sat next to me.  This was probably all for the best, because I have an innate sympathy with babies who cry; I, too, sometimes want to cry because I can't properly communicate my needs and desires to others.  I arrived in Minneapolis and was excited to find the airport was really quite nice, with several Minnesota! gift shops, a Maui Taco, and Pachelbel's Canon in D playing on the loudspeakers.  Unfortunately, when I arrived at the gate for my connection, I was faced with the horrifying realization that I'd booked a flight to the wrong city.  Yes, you heard me.  THE WRONG CITY.    In case your geography is as horrifying as my own, I've included a helpful map to show how far apart these two places are, approximately 200 miles.  After a frantic phone call to Carlea, my conference partner, alerting her to the fact that I am an idiot and might need to change my pick-up plans, I ran over to the customer service desk.  I told the woman on the phone (yes, Virginia, the customer service desk is a table with six phones on it) my sad story, and she helped me rebook the correct flights.  I was even lucky enough to get put on an earlier flight to Indianapolis (the correct airport, in case you were wondering), and arrived at the Indiana Memorial Union only an hour later than I'd originally expected. The moral of this story?  Have someone triple check your reservation before you make it, or just don't be me, traveling alone.
Indiana University

That evening was a quiet one.  I marveled at the enormity of IU for a bit (the school is 40 times larger than my college, and is exactly the traditional university that I thought I wanted to go to for undergrad [and where I know I would have survived for approximately 2 weeks]), gazing at their huge football field and big stone buildings.  Carlea, Michelle (the wonderful friend who opened her home to us for the weekend) and I had a delicious and filling dinner at Mother Bear's Pizza, where we ordered the Treasure of Monte Cristo, a white pizza with spinach, bacon, tomatoes, and fontina cheese.  After a day spent stressed and eating peanuts, it really hit the spot, and was the first of many really delicious meals I would have during the trip.  Carlea and I spent the rest of the evening at Michelle's catching up.  Though we run a moderately-successful 'zine together and wrote an entire conference paper together, we hadn't actually seen each other in well over a year, and so it was wonderful to spend the whole weekend talking.  Then, around 1am, we decided to get some sleep so we could get an early start on Friday's panels.

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