Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collage, Cyborg, Corpse: Conference in Indiana

Friday, March 28, 2011 - Bloomington, IN

IU Graveyard
Carlea and I woke up early on Friday morning and headed to Scholar's Inn Bakehouse for breakfast.  They have free wifi, and we lingered over our meals (me: biscuits and gravy, of course!) to put the finishing touches up on our paper, and post some more C&R calls.  Around 10am, we headed over to the Memorial Union to see "Speaking for the Group," my first panel of the conference.  I've been posting about each of the panels at C&R, so I won't double up here, but let me say that this panel was really wonderful, and instantly brought me back into the creative world, inspiring me to think more carefully about the narrators I choose.  In my poems, it often feels that the narrator has chosen itself, and this was a nice reminder that I'm in control of the piece.
Chevrette Pizza!

Groovy PlayPlace
After the first panel, Carlea and I headed to Cactus Flower, a fun vintage shop where I bought two shirts, since I'd only packed enough clothing for two days, not four. We then went to lunch at FARMbloomington, which was amazing.  I was really impressed over the weekend by how sustainable Bloomington seemed to be.  There were lots of independent shops and local restaurants, coffeeshops, and groceries seemed to be really progressive.  FARM was no exception to this, and used high quality ingredients to create the two amazing dishes we shared - famous fries (with parmesan and chili flakes) and the Chevrette pizza (with goat cheese, arugula, walnuts and red grapes) - to create a lovely meal.  I'm also really hoping to recreate their pumpkin patch pizza, with pumpkin, bison pepperoni, and Gouda, one day at home.

Carlea in the gorgeous house, post-potluck.
We attended the "Collaborations Across Media" undergraduate panel, and then headed back to Michelle's house to bake cookies and practice reading our paper for the first time.  Yes, I worked on a paper for two months and never read it out loud until the day before we presented.  Stop judging.  We headed over to the Folklore & Ethnomusicology potluck.  Carlea graduated with her MA in Folklore from IU last year, and still has several friends there, including one fellow SLC graduate, so it was great to meet all of them.  In addition to being local and sustainable, Bloomington is also home to some of the coolest new people I've met in a while, and spending time with them, in a gorgeous house, eating great potluck food was a great way to end a lovely evening.

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