Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: The Deluge

Friday night, I crowd-sourced a dessert option for dinner on Saturday (oh my goodness, I love Twitter), and Alyssa was kind enough to suggest dulce de leche brownies.  After eating an amazing chicken parmigiana that my sister made (she doesn't cook often, but she's so good at it when she does), I started work on the brownies.  I've wanted to make dulce de leche since I'd heard how you make it (boiling condensed milk in the can), but was always afraid of something going horribly wrong and losing an eye when the can explodes.  This recipe lets you safely bake it in the oven, and oh my word, it's delicious.  Too tired to continue (I'm working on the "staying up late to get work done" bit), I went to sleep pretty early and set my alarm even earlier to get everything done the next morning.
Roger dropping me off before book club. Seagulls on ice-flows!

The rest of the recipe was very easy, and resulted in extremely rich, sweet chocolate brownies.  I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9x13 pan, and they were the perfect height.  I'd highly recommend it for a fun, rich dessert.  Or, just eat the dulce de leche straight from the pan.  That's also delicious.  Dessert done, I headed into the city for my very first APW Book Club.  We had a small group (or, rather, a small group of us got together in the back, and unbeknownst to us, a larger group had gathered in the front - oops), and the discussion lasted for several hours, which was wonderful.  I'm so into gatherings of women talking about womanhood.  Obviously.  I'm already excited for the next meet-up!  I would never have thought I'd be the sort of person to take a risk and meet new people like that, so I'm really proud of myself for doing it.  I headed back upstate, and went to New Jersey for some chicken Provencal.  My coworker and fellow SLC-grad Christina had Roger and me over for dinner with another former-OUP friend (coincidentally, the one who first told me how to make dulce de leche), which was really lovely.  I was amazed at how quickly the time flew while we were all together.

Minding my business, working on my huge new laptop...
Sunday was mostly low-key, with some studying and writing and phone-calling, followed by dinner with Roger's family at a really, really good Chinese food place, Golden House.  I've eaten there countless times before, so I'm not sure exactly what changed, but oh my goodness, it was amazing.  Easily the best General Tso's Tofu I've ever had, with perfectly cooked broccoli. 
Makeshift Flood Avoider
Then, as Carlea and I were working on our paper,  I heard a sudden rush of water, and my kitchen was flooded.  Needless to say, nothing further was done on the paper, and we spent the better part of last night freezing and soaked trying to divert water.  We eventually rigged up some sheet metal, a plastic bin, and a water-pump, but the ordeal went on until 1:30am.  It's all fine now, but I think we're all a little tired and sore from the experience.  And now, I think I deserve some nice new towels.

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