Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Pampered Chef Party

My Pampered Chef weekend began as many good weekends do - with delicious beer at a colleague/friend's going away party.  The beer was a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, and it was so good.  I've gotten into stouts a lot more since this fall, and I was really impressed by this one.  I headed home early, since I had to leave for Albany the next morning, but it was still a lovely evening.

So much deliciousness.
On Saturday, I drove up to Shelby's, and was, as usual, late.  I'd hoped to be there by 11am, but since I had to drop Roger off at work, and we had to get fancy coffee before going (I'm not really complaining; Peekskill Coffeehouse makes me so happy every morning we go there), I didn't get upstate until noon.  At that point, Shelby's mother was well on her way up, so we waited for her to get there before we made it to our first big destination: Dinosaur Barbecue.  I loved it when I tried in Harlem, and the Troy location did not disappoint.  We grabbed a pitcher of Magic Hat Vinyl, an amber lager that I really liked, and sat right on the Hudson River.  The food was really great, but I was especially keen on the appetizers and side dishes.  Sometimes, big chunks of meat are too much for me, but their wings, fried green tomatoes, and potato salad were just amazing.  If' you get a chance to go to any of their locations, I'd say you should definitely try it!

Me & Shelby at Dinosaur Barbecue
We headed back to Shelby's house and got things ready for the party, which was lots of fun.  I've been to sales parties before, and I mostly don't love them.  (If you ask me nicely, maybe I'll tell you about my brief stint as a Passion Parties representative.)  This one was a lot more fun than they usually are, though, so I'd consider having one of my own one day.  I might be biased, because I love kitchen tools, but it just felt much more enjoyable than jewelery or candle parties.  Damon, our representative (not going to lie, as much as I love all-female gatherings, I am also really into the idea of a co-ed kitchenwares party), made a quick appetizer, pull-away pizza, which was really good and simple, and taught us how to make a chocolate volcano cake in a rice-cooker.  Reader, I bought that rice-cooker.  And, two other things I've been wanting for some time, a cheese board and a (manual) food processor.  It was more than I wanted to spend, but they're also things I think I'll use often, and I've been more careful about spending, so I think it's alright.  Shelby's friends were all really open and welcoming, which was wonderful.  I think I've said this before, but since living here can be a little isolating, these get-togethers make me so very happy, and I'm always excited to meet new and interesting people.  These ladies were all really different from each other, but each of them was awesome in her own way!

Sunday, after losing an hour of sleep (blast you, daylight savings time!), Shelby and Mike took me to the Half Moon Diner, which had amazing eggs Benedict, one of my favorite breakfasts, and I headed down the Taconic and back home.  Roger and I spent the rest of the evening working, and Carlea and I made some progress on our paper.  It's not there yet, but I'm really excited by the process.  As I'm starting to really get a hold on my priorities, interesting people, good food, and time to enjoy my life are becoming very important to me.  This weekend combined all of those!


  1. OH I'm so jealous you went to Dinosaur Barbecue!

  2. Sounds like such an awesome weekend! I love hearing about all of the crazy things you can do in rice cookers- you MUST show us the cake if you make it :)