Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: A Social Weekend

Leaving the Office on Friday
With warmer weather coming, I've been a little more social than I have been in a while, which has been lovely.  On Friday evening, I met Roger at his new workplace* and we took the train up to Hastings-on-Hudson to meet up with our friends Alana and Mered.  We went to Rainwater Grill for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, though Mered and I both ordered a la carte, and the food was very good.  We started off in the bar area for drinks, which was cute, and then headed to the dining room as our reservation came up.  I was really impressed by the two appetizers Alana and Roger ordered from the RW menu, roasted artichokes and mussels respectively.  For an entree, I had lobster macaroni & cheese, which was very good, though not quite as good as the same dish I had at the Artist's Palate for NYE three years ago. (Needless to say, that version is on my top-ten list of best foods ever.)  The tiramisu that Roger and I split was also really good, and I really give the place credit for doing such a nice job on RW.  Some places consider it a chance to slack off, but not Rainwater.  It was also just really wonderful to see Alana and Mered, whom I've known for nearly six years, and whom I never see often enough.  We played around with "Flat Sarah" for a little while, and got caught up on everything we've been up to, and some SLC gossip.  It was a wonderful start to a really great weekend.

On Saturday, Roger and I headed into the city to do research for one of his classes.  We stopped at the Peekskill Coffee House for some coffees and a morning glory muffin, which is the greatest thing on earth.  It's sort of a carrot-y, cake-y, health-y ball of goodness, and it goes really well with steamed milk.  We made the train with no time to spare, and slowly made our way from Grand Central to the Museum of Arts and Design, enjoying the nice weather and the chance to not be running down the street trying to be somewhere.  Roger was extremely sensitive to my aversion to museums, and despite this being the first museum he's made me visit since France, he let me shop along the way, and even stopped so we could get hot dogs for lunch before going inside.  (Did I mention I turn into a 5-year-old when I have to go a museum?)  The exhibition, The Global Africa Project, was interesting, and definitely worth a look (though the museum is pricey - $15 a head).  Roger has his own opinions on it,
Hot Dog!
which I'm hoping he'll put up on his blog soon, and while I agree with him that the exhibit was difficult to follow (both intellectually and physically - it takes up 2.5 floors), I did think it was an interesting concept, and I liked quite a few of the pieces, especially Fred Wilson's Iago's Mirror, Sheila Bridges's Harlem Toile de Jouy (and, um, OMG go look at her other wallpapers!), Bibi Seck's Taboo, and Ousmane M'Baye's Kitchen Furniture.  The evening was spent at a celebratory vernal equinox potluck in Brooklyn, thrown by my friend and colleague Katie.  The potluck involved copious amounts of homemade macaroni & cheese and homebrewed Belgian honey ale, both of which were equally fantastic.

After all that moving and shaking, it was nice to spend Sunday decompressing the way I do best - shopping.  I bought some new clothes for the conference this week and tiles for my kitchen wall (yes, a year and a half in, and with a high-likelihood I'll move out in the next six months, we're finally finishing the kitchen).  I worked out on the WiiFit for a little while and worked on the paper with Carlea some more, before looking up some things to do in Indiana and getting a little shut-eye.

*I'm very excited to tell everyone that Roger was asked to work on an upcoming exhibit at the Met, and so he quit his job and will be doing that while working on his MA for the rest of the semester.  I'm so proud and very excited for him!


  1. What a lovely weekend! (Hell yes you should be excited and proud, that's AWESOME!)

  2. Sounds like an excellent weekend! I love Restaurant Week. (A little over a month until it happens here!)

  3. What a great weekend :) And your decompressing on Sunday sounds fabulous too- love shopping for anything!
    Congrats to Roger!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! The increasingly warm weather always makes me more social too! I get spring fever in a major way!

  5. After a truly worrisome and nervous-feeling day, I got on my computer and my fingers brought me here. I immediately feel better. Thank you.

    Hot dog! Indeed.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! The increasingly warm weather always makes me more social too! I get spring fever in a major way!