Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World of Wonder: Outside Magazine's Top Trips of 2011

So, it's sort of a cop-out to post someone else's article for this week's World of Wonder, especially when I haven't done one in earnest in over a month, but I just read Outside Magazine's "2011 Trips of the Year" and oh my god, they're amazing.  I think my favorite is the three-week, three-country, three-climb trip to Africa.  Climbing three 16k+ mountains in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda sounds like just about the coolest thing ever.  (Can we not talk about the politics of these types of trips? Yes? Thanks!)  Some other amazing ones?  Tahiti, Mongolia, and Greenland.  Or, you know, any of them.

Gosh, this makes my dream of going to Northern California look downright silly!  The only issue with these are the price-tags.  Starting at around $2,000 and going up to $13,000, without airfare, they're not cheap.  I'll either need to start saving stat, or get a rich patron to fund my trips "for writing purposes."  Anyway, there you have it.  Ten whole worlds of wonder ... chosen by someone else.

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