Saturday, April 2, 2011

Collage, Cyborg, Corpse: Conference in Indiana

Sunday, March 28, 2011 - Bloomington, IN to New York, NY

Despite Carlea promising me all weekend we would go to the IU gym's sauna (oh my, I just love saunas!), we ended up enjoying ourselves too much to make it there, and spent Sunday relaxing and getting ready to fly home.  Instead, we had a hearty breakfast at Wee Willie's, which was good and filling, if difficult for most people to find (as in, "No, you've passed it!  It's right across from the strip club.  Yes, that building that doesn't have a sign and looks closed.").  The food, service, and prices reminded me of George's at home, or Water Street in Geneva.  We headed back to Michelle's to finish packing, before meeting up with the group at Goodwill.  I told you there was a lot of thrifting this weekend.  This Goodwill was, compared to the others I've been in, miraculous.  It was clean, you could easily peruse the aisles, and they had really nice things, including furniture, for sale.  I'd definitely recommend a trip if you're out there.  My bag was stuffed full with books and my two new tops, but if it wasn't, I would definitely have bought some things. 

We all headed over to the Scholar's Inn Bakeshop afterward (this time at a bigger location) and enjoyed dessert before saying goodbye to Carlea's friends.  We boarded the bus and made our way safely to the Indianapolis airport, and shared an uneventful flight to Detroit together, before parting ways for good.  Or, until next weekend, when Carlea comes to New York to do a reading.  Exciting!

Overall, a really great experience.  I loved Bloomington, and am pretty much sold on the idea of living in a college town one day.  Speaking at the conference was wonderful and I felt really supported, and seeing everyone else's panels was inspiring and interesting.  I'd love to go to more conferences in the future, especially writing or literature related ones.

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  1. Indianapolis! You're about an hour away from me :)
    I definitely also want to be settled in a college town well as be working at the college.
    I love your dream job- thank you for sharing it on my blog...I would love to do something creative like that. I like to write short stories in my free time- but I never really share them with anyone!