Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Easter

I'm not a big celebrant of Easter, folks, but I had a nice one this year anyway.  My father's 59th birthday was on Thursday, and since my sister had class that evening, my whole family celebrated on Friday by visiting a new local barbecue place, 151 Grill.  It was a bit of a mixed bag: the ribs, burnt ends, mashed potatoes, and corn bread were amazing, but the macaroni & cheese, the fried chicken, and the corn fritters weren't as good as they could have been (admittedly, the breading on the fried chicken was some of the best I've ever had, but the skin was so fatty I couldn't bring myself to eat it).  I'd go back, but only for certain items.  I think my father enjoyed his birthday, although there weren't any gifts, because he's waiting to buy himself a new camera.  We Maffeis are nothing if not practical.

When I awoke on Saturday morning, it was pouring, so I canceled my plans to run and go to the farmer's market, and ran a few errands instead.  When we got back home, I made Easter bread for no real reason other than I seem to like making bread, and I didn't want to do the work I'd brought home.  Then, Roger, my mother, and I proceeded to watch no less than four hours of Will & Kate specials, including the Lifetime movie.  Stop judging me.  The bread turned out really well, and I now know way more about royal weddings than I ever needed to.

Sunday, we had a lovely brunch with Roger's family for Easter and his mother's birthday.  The rest of the day was spent working, with a brief pause to watch The Queen, which made me realize that I absolutely, positively, cannot live without these glasses.  I would defend myself against accusations that I am watching way, way too much royal-themed things lately, but if I am being honest, I am at this very moment watching The King's Speech, so I acknowledge I may have a problem.  That problem may or may not be "really, really missing Oxford."  So, there you have it.  A very quiet, very enjoyable, Easter weekend.

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  1. YUM! I heard The King's Speech was amazing.