Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Worlds of Wonder: Tahiti
Guys, it's raining in New York.  Yes, I'm glad it isn't snowing any more, and yes, I know I don't like the heat and humidity of the deep summer, either, but I saw some dogwoods blossoming on 34th Street today like it was really and truly spring time, and I want sun.  And not just sun.  Sun, and sunglasses and sundresses.  Beaches and barbecues and boats.  I'm ready for spring and summer in a way that one is ready for them after seriously considering buying a Subaru all winter because that's how much snow there was.  And my idea of summer fun is pretty different than the average all-inclusive-buyer's idea, but in the spirit of longing for warmth, I present (an extremely abridged version of the wikipedia entry on) Tahiti:

Tahiti's average temperature is between 70°F and 88°F, and doesn't change much through the seasons.  It is part of French Polynesia, so the national language is French, though some of the population still speaks Tahitian.  The main industry is, of course, tourism, and there are a variety of luxury resorts throughout the islands, along with black sand beaches and pearls.  Straight south of Hawaii and a twelve-hour plane ride from JFK, I can think of some other beach vacations I'd be more likely to go on, but I can definitely see the appeal.

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