Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Home Improvements

Today is the day - the much awaited announcement of the winners of our giveaway!  Congratulations to Sonia and Trisha!  Both are awesome ladies, and I really hope they enjoy their books.  My lovely friend Liz also commented, and I actually have a book that I think would be just perfect for her, so it turns out that everyone is a little bit of a winner here, and I love that.  Thanks again to Meghan for getting the whole thing started!

This weekend went by slowly, which was wonderful after several weeks where I felt I couldn't catch my breath.  Friday night I made chicken taquitos (from Annie's Eats) and four-layer dip (from my mother's limited potluck recipe knowledge) and enjoyed margaritas out of a bucket with Shelby and Cece.  It was a poor excuse for really good Mexican food, but was a great evening regardless, and those bucket-margaritas were awesome! 

We ended the evening a little early, because Shelby and I decided to go running at 7am on Saturday morning.  We're training for a 5k in Albany in June, and this was my first run for it, and our first ever run together.  We met up with Lauren and the three of us ran four reps of 5-minute running and 3-minute walking intervals, followed by a long walk back.  All total, we covered four miles, and it felt great.  We went our separate ways, and I spent the day in and out of bathroom showrooms with my parents, who are re-doing their 1950s-era pink-and-blue-tiled monstrosity sometime in the near future.  Not exactly a riveting afternoon, but I probably know more about steam showers and jets than you do.  Plus, there were clawfoot tubs.  That evening, Roger and I headed to the opening of Art in Cameroon: Sculptural Dialogues at the Neuberger Museum.  I've been to Purchase many times, but this was the first time I'd been in the museum, so it was a nice change of pace.

Saturday was filled with even more home improvements.  Once I finished putting together my pages on Call & Response (secret: our next print issue is coming out this week!), I did the tiniest bit of yardwork imaginable and got a ridiculously bad sunburn for only being in the sun for a few hours.  For lunch, I made a killer guacamole (I decided it would be overkill to have it on Friday, but was craving avocado), and ran two miles on the treadmill.  The rest of the evening was restful and productive, as I started to tie up loose ends and get my house into order again.  No pictures this weekend, but try to imagine sun, flowers, and warm-ish weather, along with smiles (and bathroom supplies)!


  1. I can't believe I won something! :)
    Bathroom showrooms sound like fun to me! I love checking out open houses and architecture and stuff like that...I may be a poor grad student but I have dreams!!

  2. Rah! I also can't believe I won something.

    Sounds like an excellent weekend. Well, except for the sunburn bit of course.

  3. kudos for the home improvements! i can't bring myself to do it...congrats ladies!

  4. kudos for the home improvements! i can't bring myself to do it...congrats ladies!