Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Oxford Reunion

Hudson River (note dark spot on camera - fail)
Roger and I spent most of last week planning a trip to 5 Napkin Burger.  First, we were going on Thursday, then we were going on Friday, and finally, we were going on Saturday.  I think you know where I'm going.  No 5 Napkin Burger for us.  I knew the weekend was in real trouble when Friday night consisted of Roger and I almost finishing an entire pizza by ourselves (doesn't fresh mozzarella mean it's healthy?) and me trying to run while I was really, really sore and still full (I made it, not joking, three minutes and forty-four seconds).  Thank goodness Saturday had bigger plans.

Good sports!
After doing an interview with a really friendly writer, I headed into the city to meet up with Karen, the program administrator from my days back in England.  She'd visited New York right after I graduated, and I was lucky enough to meet up with her then, but this is the first time in three years I've seen her, so that was wonderful.  Other friends from Oxford were there, most of whom I hadn't seen since April of last year or longer, along with Cece and Rob, who are awesome and always up for anything.  We went to the Ninth Ward, which was pretty ideal for a Saturday afternoon.  They had BOGO drinks until 6pm, plenty of space in the back, with a fountain, and pretty good food.  I would definitely go back for another happy hour there.  My friend Aaron, who loved bacon when we met, recently became a vegetarian, so we talked about that for a while (and he disapproved, of course, of my plan to "get back to it one day"), and there was plenty of discussion about where in Queens Roger and I should move with Tess and Esther, both of whom moved there about a year ago.  Our group thinned out over the course of the afternoon, and the last of us finished the night off with drinks at Black & White, a bar that NYMag seems to think is way better than I did.

Some of the SLC Oxonians

Sunday was a low-key day of "getting it done," with some C&R work, some yardwork, some pizza-making (whole wheat crust with ricotta, broccoli, onions, and artichoke hearts, and white crust with chicken, bacon and ranch),* and a short run that I managed to convince Roger to come on with me.  Roger has always been much better at running than me, and so I was pretty impressed with the fact that I could not only keep up with him, but I actually kept going for a tiny bit when he started walking.  Yes, I'm gloating.  No, don't tell Roger I told you.  He might stop coming with me, and I find it really hard to motivate myself without a buddy.  Roger just read this over my shoulder said, "I'm not your buddy!"  Sigh.

Karen & Tess
And, today, I met the wonderful Mary and Becky for happy hour at the Silverleaf Tavern (quick review: way better than Black & White, with fun, cheap appetizers, but find out what their happy hour special drinks are - we didn't, and paid full-price for them - oh, and get there early for free wine in the lobby of the Klimpton hotel, one of the best parts of a great chain).  Seeing the two of them was wonderful, even if I was made fun of mercilessly at dinner for it yesterday.  Roger, of course, sent me text messages like, "Are you alive?" and, ten minutes later, after I didn't respond, "Oh god! Have they kidnapped you?!"  But really, it was just nice to sit down with two new, interesting people, who are both really smart and kind.  So, that's my stance on meeting APW ladies.  They're all awesome, and I'm hopeful that Mary will get that job she's interviewing for, so that we can make this a monthly event.

*I feel this is a good place to tell you that my mother's Mothers' Day celebration was her very own steak, with grilled squash and Junior's cheesecake.  Oh, and a Nook Color.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Tony is the same way Roger is. When he heard that I got into Mary's car he gave me all sorts of crap. (Because she's just so dangerous, eh?)