Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worlds of Wonder: Walt Disney World Marathon

So, after two days of not-running-no-not-even-a-little-you-can't-make-me, I started walking on my treadmill and complaining to Shelby, my cyber-running buddy and BFFL, that I hadn't run in two days and couldn't bring myself to do more than walk on a 7% incline today.  I whined that I've been getting home too late, leaving too early, and just generally didn't want to be running.  I didn't tell her, but I'd also eaten a really large portion of instant pistachio pudding by myself.  There was a lot of guilt, and some worry that I wouldn't be ready for our 5k in two weeks.  So, she kept texting me, and finally I just felt so bad that she was so encouraging and I wasn't doing anything, that I ran for a mile just to get it over with.  About half-way through, I felt so good that I thought I could do another mile.  I didn't (hey, no one's perfect), but I was really, really glad to have gotten back on the horse.  Or, the treadmill, as it may be.  I was really gross and sweaty (man, it got hot really quickly here!), and I texted Shelby that I smelled.  She said, "It's the smell of success."  And so it was.

So, I've been thinking a lot about running lately, clearly, and building up and enjoying my quiet time outdoors and generally loving it.  Naturally, I've been thinking about marathons, because doing one seems to be the holy grail for runners, or at least many of the runners I know.  I'm not sure if I want to run one, because it seems sort of scary and not necessarily the reason why I run.  I like the quiet of running alone, and I like not going very far.  And if I did run one, I guess it would probably be the New York Marathon because, um, my whole life seems to revolve around this one little patch of dirt.  But, in an ideal world where I want to run a marathon, I think the one I would pick is the Walt Disney World Marathon, which just sounds like a ton of fun.  I'm a little hush-hush about my love of Disney World (because I am dating someone who thinks it is for capitalist neo-colonialists and because I have a lot of friends who think it is lame), but I have many, many very happy memories from trips there when I was younger, and since Shelby is vocal about her love for it, and since they have an awesome marathon, I figured I'd devote an entry to it now:
In short, it seems like fun.  The loop runs through all four parks, and there's entertainment along the way.  At the end, you get a Mickey Mouse medal.  Sounds good to me!  (Okay, okay, I know that's too short, but I'm tired, and pretty sure I'm never going to run a marathon. If you think you might, though you can find out more information on the WDW Marathon website.)

Do any of you want to run a marathon?  I know a few readers already have. What made you all decide to go for it?


  1. I do want to run a marathon. We are thinking of doing Bermuda in the spring. I'm not sure whether I'll ever run more than one marathon, but I want to do one. I'm much happier with middle distance - 10-13.1 miles is where it's at, for me, but I know I'll be sad if I never actually do a marathon. But that's because when I was 19, I thought about doing it, and decided that I wanted to do it one day, and then, three years later, I took up running, and four years, two half marathons, three ten milers, and a bucketload of 5ks after that, a marathon seems like what is next for us.

  2. instant pistacho pudding! I love it :)
    I most definitely do not want to run a marathon. I think a 5K is my max. I fully support those who do, though!

  3. I've run a marathon. Which is something I had never thought I would ever want to do. When I started running it was for largely emotional reasons. I had a crappy roommate, was unemployed and my life was in shambles in general. Really, I just needed something that got me out of the house for a little while. Then I found that I enjoyed it. Really enjoyed, and didn't want to stop. Gradually my runs got longer and longer. ("Can I run for an hour?" Okay, how about an hour and fifteen minutes?" Then so on from there.) All of the sudden I realized that I was running two hours with ease. From there it just seemed a natural progression to running a marathon. And it was actually a lot of fun. A lot of work of course, but also fun.