Monday, June 6, 2011

Life List Accomplished: Run in a Race

Sorry for the lack of posting all of last week.  I was sort of half-busy with barbecues and the long weekend, but mostly I was just existing.  Anyway, at least we can start off this week with an accomplishment from my latest weekend wanderings!

I ran in a race on Saturday.

Pre-Race Excitement!

I don't really know how it happened, except that Shelby told me I should, and then showed me how to run without wanting to die (the secret? Run really, really slowly.), and then all of a sudden, I found myself in Buca di Beppo, carbo-loading with Shelby and April the day before running in the Freihofer's 33rd Annual Run for Women.  This was a terrible idea, because I'd already had a too-big lunch at Chat n' Chew with Michelle from Indiana on her first trip to New York.  Here is a running tip for you: don't eat too much the day before.  You will not feel good.  But, I really enjoyed my meals with all the great ladies, so I don't totally regret it.

More than 4000 women ran in the race
When I woke up on Saturday, I knew I'd made a mistake eating so much, and I was still gross and full-feeling.  I figured I had three more hours before the race to feel a little better, and it did help as I waited with  Shelby, along with her mother and boyfriend, for the race to begin.  The organization was great: it was so easy to get our bibs and to my joy, we arrived in time to receive a free t-shirt, plus Freihofer's cookies and bread.  We had some free health tests done (not surprisingly, I was a little heavier than normal, but everything seemed to be in fairly good working order), and walked around for a bit before lining up with our friends April and Maritza.

It was a great feeling of anticipation as we moved slowly to the start line.  The announcer had first-timers (like myself) cheer, then people who had already run the race, and before I knew it, we were at the start line, and running up what I believed was our only hill of the race.  (Kristin's Running Tip #2 - look over the race route before you do it.)  I knew that we would start with a race, and then thought that the route would flatten out in the park, before heading into a decline to the finish line.  Not quite true - there were a few other hills in the park, also.  So, I pushed full-throttle up the hill, staying with April and Shelby the whole way to the park.  Once I hit the second hill in the park, I got a side stitch (the bane of my very short running career to this point), and at about 1.5 miles, I headed over to the side to walk it off for a minute or two, losing Shelby in the process.  After working it out a little bit, I went on running, and made it to the finish without stopping again, coming in at 33 minutes, 5 seconds, which put me at 269 of 470 in my age group.  We celebrated by wearing our matching race shirts to Dinosaur BBQ, which was amazing and delicious as always.
Shelby's Cheerleaders: Mike & Linsey

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed with my time.  During training (admittedly on flatter ground), I'd been running at just about that time, and I was hoping that the energy from the race would let me get down to 30 minutes.  Still, I wasn't counting on those hills, or eating enough to give myself a side stitch, so with those two things combined, I'm pretty impressed at the time.  And, the overall experience was just amazing.  I'm really hooked on running now, which is something I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought would be true.  I hated (HATED!) running when I was younger, and even when I started to get more into fitness in college, running was never my favorite activity.  Now, though, it's so easy, and I've really enjoyed getting outside more often.
Plus, the race experience was such fun.  I'm hoping to do another race, this time an 8-mile run around our town lake, on July 4th.  I'm not sure if that's going to be too much running for me in too-short a time, so I'm just going to train with that in mind, and if it works out, awesome, but I'm not going to hurt myself to make it.  I'm also planning to stop eating out so often (since I really think that was part of my undoing in this race, and just in my health goals in general), and amp up the vegetables a little.  I'll keep you posted with my progress!


  1. Go you with the bad-assing! I could run in a race if by run it meant I think I'll wait a bit and train.

  2. Congrats on your accomplishment! Running a 5k is on my list, but sadly I haven't started working on it yet. Good for you!