Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Droid!

Oh man, guys. I have not really raised my productivity level recently, but I have been exhausted to the max.  I would not be surprised if this is another 2-post week, so apologies in advance.  I think it's all the running that's tiring me out.  Uh huh.*  Friday, I nearly made my 15-mile a week goal (got to 14, but also walked 3 miles, so that must count for something) on an afternoon run with Dave.  We went out with Cece to see Super 8 that evening, and it was really great.  I almost never see movies, and even less often see movies in theatres, so I'm always a little taken in by them, but I just felt surrounded by this one.  Cece thought it was a little too scary, but I found it to be charming with just the right amount of edge.  Plus, J.J. Abrams directed it.  Sarah Lawrence love!

Saturday, partially because I didn't eat much of anything on Friday, I awoke to discover I'd lost five pounds since the race.  I've said before that I don't love counting pounds and calories and miles, but it's always nice to not feel bad about a number on a scale.  Roger, Dave and I went to the farmer's market to get some vegetables, and then met up with my parents to buy a new cell phone.  I decided on the Droid Charge, which I love wholly and completely.  There are only two things I miss about my Blackberry: 1. BBMing (and, subsequently, knowing exactly when Roger has read a text message from me) and 2. A real keyboard.  It's important for me to figure out how to use a touch-screen, because it's the way of the future, and all the nice things about the phone (an 8-megapixel camera! g-chat capabilities! angry birds!) more than make up for it.  I am genuinely excited for all the possibilities for microblogging on the train, especially south of Tarrytown, where I get 4G access.  That evening, we met Cece to get Thai food for dinner, and I took this pretty terrible photo:

Sunday began well enough, with a 3.5 mile run, but quickly descended into crankiness about ... everything.  Just one of those days.  I had my nails done, did some yoga, ate some Chinese, and tried generally to make it better, but overall, by 10pm, it was time for an episode of M*A*S*H and some sleep.  And so it was.

*I guess all the blogs on my reader intersect at me, so of course there will be similarities, but lately it's been uncanny. I've been so amazed at how many people (namely APWers) have recently started running.  Go all of us!  Also, how many people are 22-24 weeks pregnant.  Go them!

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