Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gratitudesday: Harry Potter

I finally saw the final Harry Potter film today (after two or three weeks of watching all of the other films, most of which I'd never seen before), and so I just wanted to take a moment to mention how grateful I am for Harry Potter.  The movies seem to get much better at year five and on, and while I've enjoyed them, and would definitely recommend seeing this most recent one, it isn't really the films I'm most grateful for, it's the books.  The books, pre-toys and pre-movies and definitely pre-amusement parks.  Today, I was thrilled to feel that slight trill at the opening sequence for the movie theater (who knew a fake roller-coaster with giant popping corn could bring back so many memories of hot summer days spent in freezing air conditioning with giant bags of candy?), but it's the books that will always have my heart.

I've said before that the books didn't change my life, didn't spark my desire to be a writer, didn't bring about my deep love of stories.  Still, they were wonderful.  They certainly helped form my views of the world, certainly transported me in the way that only a good story can.  I love them as fully as I love Mrs Dalloway and The Sound and the Fury, and in a much deeper part of my soul, where I keep Goodnight, Moon, Of Mice & Men, and certain memorized poems.  I love them in just the spot where I keep walking down the streets in Oxford, and the first time Roger held my hand, and the view of just barely peeking over the counter at a video rental place in the Bronx and seeing an eraser on a ballpoint pen.  I don't know if I want to have children, but I've been imagining reading them these books just before bed for years.

It was never Harry Potter that made me want to write, but if I could ever make just one person carry with them my work as deeply as I carry Rowling's, I think I'll consider myself a success.  Thanks for a great twelve years, JK!


  1. I don't know if it's the jetlag, but this about made me cry with happiness.

  2. I completely agree! The coolest thing about HP for me was that those in my age group pretty much grew up alongside those kids. The books came out when we were the same age that they were, and year by year we have grown and matured with them (and wished we could go to Hogwarts too.) I still haven't seen the last movie...it came out during my honeymoon (bummer?) and now we're too poor for movies so I guess it's either wait for the dollar movie or Redbox!

  3. This was a lovely tribute to my favorite series!