Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Gatherings

Showing off Shelby's Ring
Another weekend raced by with me still not caught up!  But, like the last one (which I skipped over, but which involved seeing The Comedy of Errors at Boscobel, barbecuing in Bed-Stuy and seeing Allison & Dan for the first time since we visited them in April), it was wonderful.  The first (and, to me, most exciting!) thing we did was sign our very first lease together on Thursday.  You'll no doubt hear much, much more about this in the weeks to come, but we could not be happier to be moving to Manhattan.  And yes, I'm saying that for the Mad Men-esque tone of it.

The Happy Couple
On Friday, we celebrated another very exciting commitment, Shelby and Mike's engagement.  Shelby's parents took all four of us out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Desert Sun, and we enjoyed several tropical drinks each.  I can't remember exactly what they're called, something with "razzle" in the name, but goodness.  They're delicious.  We ate, drank, and goofed around for the evening, and generally had an amazing time.

Allison & Rachel at George's
Dave, Post-Hair Cut
Shelby and I woke up early to go with her father to the gym (it was already too hot to go running outside by 7am), and I was reminded of just how much I would love to have her around everyday to be my gym buddy.  I finished writing an article I can't wait to share with you all this Thursday, and then Roger, Dave and I met Allison and Rachel for breakfast at George's, which was the perfect antidote to a good workout!  I'd planned to go to the goodbye parties of two friends in the city that evening, but we were really exhausted, and ended up floating around in the pool for, I kid you not, two and a half hours.  I'm still sorry I didn't get to see those friends, but the rest was really deeply needed, and I felt much better afterward.  We planned to make pickles, but that fell by the wayside after we picked up the ingredients and ice cream AND cut Dave's hair (I made them today, more information to come soon).  Roger and I spent the evening catching up on Harry Potter (we're watching all the movies before we see the final one tomorrow), and of course, I fell asleep during it.  Still, the 6th one may be my favorite yet!
Me, Jessie, and Aunt Julie

Yesterday, I trekked out to Pennsylvania for my soon-to-be-cousin Jessie's bridal shower.  The food was great, the fruit punch was even better, and best of all was seeing all my relatives, including baby Madilyn, who was born in February.  We played some games, watched Jessie open her lovely gifts, and caught up on family gossip.  It was a great shower, made even better by the fact that one of our favors were empty plastic containers - to fill with all the different cookies and baked goods that were set up at the back of the room - a really great idea, and one I would definitely copy at a party someday soon!  And, when I came home, Roger was ready to watch Deathly Hallows.  I, you guessed it... slept.

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  1. That's so funny, Steve and I watched all of the Harry Potters in preparation for us to see the final movie as well...and I too had a hard time staying up :)