Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blog Update

We spent last night eating and drinking way more than we normally would, thanks to NY Craft Beer Week and $3 beers.  We stopped at Good Beer, Rattle n' Hum, The Ginger Man, and Jimmy 43, in addition to X'ian Famous Foods, Pommes Frites, and Kornet Pizza.  This decidedly uncharacteristic for us, but we had a great time, and plan on trying some more places closer to the apartment tonight.

Needless to say, I woke up feeling less than my usual perky self, particularly cranky because the super was supposed to come and fix our window at 10am.  It's 1pm now, so I'm going to assume he's not going to make it, and leave for a run in a little bit.  But, in the meantime, (and instead of doing homework) I've been twiddling away at this blog, customizing it for the first time.  Mostly I've used templates straight as they come, but after deciding to put together a real header, I went hog wild and created the masterpiece that you see below, complete with customized colors:

Some tabs I have open: Hill Figure, Plague Doctor Costume, Little Ice Age; Jen's Vegetarian Chili

I know.  "Wow" is all you can think.  Pretty snazzy stuff.  I even edited the HTML on my snazzy new Goodreads widget to make it all fit where I wanted it!  And now, there are a few sidebar pictures of me because I've decided that I'm going to embrace myself a little more this fall.  Obviously this isn't the world's greatest design job, but it's about a million lightyears away from where I was at 10am, so I'm pretty pleased.  I'll probably continue to tweak a little (I sort of want shades of white, not blue), and I'm planning to update the header on a semi-regular basis. If you guys have any suggestions for design changes or content changes, let me know, and in the meantime, say goodbye to those little birdies in the upper right hand corner.

Bye, little birdies, they sang.


  1. I love it!! I was totally, snazzily surprised to open the page up to this veritable masterpiece. Magnifique.

  2. Thanks, Erica! I wanted a more open feel. I'm very happy with it.