Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everything Advantageous to Life

It's been so long, I hardly know where to begin. Since we last spoke (because I really do think of all these little blogs as a dialogue), we:
  • picked out a couch (the Rowley, for those of you who were held in suspense this whole time)
  • moved into the new place (an experience that, despite going as well as it could possibly have gone, and as quickly, and as smoothly, was so painful I've decided that unless we are leaving New York City, I am going to die in this apartment - that is how little I want to move every again. Or at least for the next two years.)
  • spent a long time painfully setting things up with no table, no couch, and no internet
  • purchased a huge amount of "necessary" stuff for the apartment, like fancy blinds, fancy dishes, and not so fancy frying pans.  (Newly necessary item: a black/silver microwave to replace the one I broke a few days ago.)
  • got into our first "living together" fight
  • got over our first "living together" fight
  • realized we had flies in our apartment because there were no screens in the windows and they were coming in from the scaffolding outside our apartment, moments before realizing there were flies on the scaffolding because our neighbors throw their food and trash onto it
  • survived a hurricane, family reunion, and wedding in our first month of living together
  • opened our first joint bank account
  • started school (which is just wonderful.  More on that in the coming days, undoubtedly)
  • got Roger a job (well, that was mostly Roger's doing. But I helped by asking useful questions like, "What's the salary?" and "How much does it pay?"  Repeatedly.)
  • helped Shelby pick out a wedding dress (well, this was mostly me.  But Roger did a kick-ass job at arranging pastries for us to eat afterward.)
  • eventually got the couches after much wringing of hands, and filled their wonderful drawers with knitting supplies, DVDs, and Roger's papers.
  • instituted a date night and started writing Yelp reviews of every restaurant we go to
  • and finally, oh, finally, got the internet yesterday, along with our first electricity bill.  We truly are real people now.
So, I think we're mostly caught up on my end!  On your end?  Well, I still haven't had much time to read any blogs, but it seems that everyone is getting pregnant, moving moving moving, or making otherwise similarly large-scale life changes.  And you know what?  You all seem to manage to keep blogging through it just fine.

Not me.  I'm having more difficulty finishing the apartment than I thought I would. (We're so close, but we need to print and frame a few more photographs and buy one more big print for the bedroom and get one more bookshelf so we can put away our last box of books. Oh, my. So many books. And also, we might still paint.  We decided against it, and we have tons of stuff on the walls, but it still feels really barren to me.)  I'm adjusting really well to city life, better than I thought I would, and I'm resisting the feeling of "I am wasting my time if I'm not doing everything all at once!!!" But, I've mostly stopped running, haven't been to the farmer's market yet, and my writing feels really strange to me right now.  I'm still trying to get myself on a schedule that includes everything I love, and also lets me sleep for a few hours a night.

And what I was really hoping was that a week into moving in, I'd have all sorts of lovely pictures to show you of our lovely place with our lovely furniture and our lovely selves.  But, what I had instead was one sweaty couple, eating cereal out of mugs on the floor with nothing hung on the walls.  So, I thought, okay, two weeks.  Which turned to five, and which still isn't really done.  I've been hesitant to post any pictures, to have anyone visit, because it still feels like a work in progress.  The sort of work in progress that I am right now, where I'm reading a lot of poetry and thinking a lot about my work and my positionality, and also not really doing the dishes or wearing anything but the same pair of jeans.  But, guys, you're going to get pictures soon, and they aren't going to be perfect.  And that's okay.  Because I'm not perfect either, and I think you're all okay with that.

Plus, if there's one thing we do have, that's perfectly lovely bookshelves.  And who doesn't like a good bookshelf picture?

Oh, guys.  I missed you.  Now, since you're all totally brilliant: any suggestions for affordable black or silver microwaves? And more importantly, for a nice, sort of artsy print to put between the two windows in our bedroom?  The space on the wall is about 3' wide by 4' tall, and we'd want to put a frame around it.


  1. what color are the dishes? do you think you'll paint the walls gobi desert? and how do you feel about cast iron?

  2. We are in our third year in our apartment, and it's still very much a work in progress! As soon we start to feel settled and happy with the space, one of us is off and running with new ideas and projects and furniture. I don't think that ever really stops.

    We got a good microwave at Target for cheap. I think it was like 40 bucks, and it's been great. This is not a very helpful suggestion, ha.

  3. @Leah - The dishes are multicolored! Aren't you proud of me? They are (in order of preference): ivory, paprika, marigold, cobalt, peacock, turquoise, lemongrass, shamrock.

    @Shaelyn - I think you're right, that things are always moving around and improving. I don't really know why I thought this would be the exception. And thanks for your microwave half-suggestion. We were in Target, but decided to hold off until next month. I'll be back, though!

  4. I've got no recommendations for you, but I have to say that the line "we truly are real people now" made me chuckle.

  5. Yay! Great to have you back!

    Moving is crazy....I'm hoping that we will be where we are for at least a couple years because all that packing and unpacking and getting your life normal is a lot to handle. Decorating was definitely the hardest part and it took the longest!

  6. @Sarah - Haha, thanks. I sort of discovered in college that "real" doesn't mean anything. But that doesn't stop me from using it every time I feel like I hit an adult milestone!

    @Brenda - I'm glad to see you're back too, and I was just thinking about how much I love the pictures of your new place!