Thursday, September 29, 2011

Worlds of Wonder: Our Apartment!

So, after all your really nice comments this weekend about how no one's house is finished and how everyone understands that it won't be perfect for a long time, I was all set to take and post some pictures of our very-close-to-complete apartment.  I told Roger about my plan after we'd spent about a half hour putting up our honeycombesque mother-of-pearl lamp.  In the ceiling.  By ourselves.  I was proud of us, and thought that the apartment was really basically done, and that it was time to take some pictures.

Well.  You should have seen the look of horror on his face.  "Pictures?!  On the blog?!  It isn't ready!  You can't do that!  We haven't even put shelves up!"  So, friends, we're going to delay the real pictures until next week, when we've moved one of our paintings and put shelves up over the butcher's block and hung up our coat rack and can really and truly call the living room and kitchen done.  (You'll also get pictures of the bathroom, which has been totally finished since day 3; the hallway, which is pretty much mostly done; and our bedroom which is done as far as furniture goes but will also most likely be repainted green in the next few months.)  Sorry for the wait.

But, you know I wouldn't leave you hanging.  Or, erm, wouldn't leave you hanging after a month of leaving you hanging.  So, without further pause, here are the before and after pictures from the apartment.  On the left, you'll see a photo of the apartment as it was when we put down our deposit.  On the right, we'll have an image of the apartment as it was the day we got the keys, after a pretty basic remodel of the kitchen, a refurbishing of all the floors, and a repainting of all the walls.  It will hopefully give you an idea of the layout of the apartment, and show you what we've been working with for the past six weeks.  Enjoy, and if you have any suggestions for what you'd do, I'd love to hear them in the comments!

The entrance to the apartment. Note the fancy light fixture and long, long hallway to the bedroom.

The living room, pictured from the kitchen.

A closer view of our little kitchen.

Our bedroom, on the other side of that long hall. Note the double closet + linen closet.

The other side of our bedroom, with a lovely window gate. We are so hardcore/eyesore.

No "before" pictures here, but they are: kitchen/living room; long hallway; 2 views of our bathroom.
And there you have it - doux chez soi.  Join us back here next week for some pictures of the place wearing its fancy clothes!


  1. Fun!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like in fancy clothes! :)

  2. It looks great, even in the unfurnished pictures (love the floors)! I can't wait to come and see it in person :)

  3. @Christy - Thanks! I hope we've improved it some with a little more color!

    @Rachel - I can't wait for you to come see it! We're going to have a little housewarming on the 29th, so you need to come down for that if not before!

  4. I'm going to be at a conference on the 29th, but I'll be in the city the weekend of the 15th helping my brother at NYCC, so maybe we can figure something out one of those days :)

  5. that was me, btw.

  6. @Rachel - No problem. We're I have a race on the 16th, so I can't stay up forever partying, but we'll definitely be around and up for hanging out!

    @Tess - Yes indeed. Take that night off!

  7. The apartment looks amazing! I remember how exciting it was to make an apartment a home with someone. So much fun.

  8. We're city-dwellers too...what a great space: long narrow hallways always seem profound to me and small spaces are inspiring. New York is magnificent!