Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gratitudesday: Cures & Remedies

Today, I'm loving so many things, including the wonderful poetry reading I went to this afternoon, and all the amazing friends I have been seeing lately, and also air mattresses.

Namely, though, I am loving the certitude with which my body is telling me that I need to slow down.  Two weekends of too much drinking, two weeks of not getting enough sleep or eating enough vegetables, loading on the work-work and the school-work: it's all a little too much for me, and the low-grade cold I've got is really making me feel it, and slow down a little.  (Only a little - after this presentation tomorrow, I still have happy hour on Thursday, and Leah visiting this week and Molly & Laura visiting this weekend, and my family coming down for my sister's birthday on Sunday, but I'm slowing down in my mind.)  So, I'm trying to take it a little easier.  And eating soup and orange juice for lunch, and trying to get some extra sleep in the middle of this busy moment.

But, I'm always up for suggestions.  I have class most of tomorrow, but I would love to have a recipe for Thursday evening - a big, easy soup with lots of garlic - and anything else that makes you feel better when you're not feeling so well.

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  1. good "gratitudesday" ktin! that is a hard word to spell.