Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gratitudesday: Not the Baby Cat

This weekend, we saw our wonderful friends from Boston, Molly & Laura:

and had a delicious meal prepared for us by Rob & Simone:

and celebrated my sister's 22nd birthday:

So there was a lot to be grateful for, but the most wonderful of all was, I think, the discovery of a little kitty who lives on our scaffolding, and whom I now feed everyday.  We think he's been sneaking in through the window while we're out, and hope that he'll come in on a more regular basis soon.  We already love him to bits.  He's a little hard to photograph, because he's all black and has mostly been hanging out at night, but here's a brief glimpse:


  1. OH

    I love your new cat friend, obviously.

  2. don't steal someone's cat, kristin!

  3. Yesssss, black cats! Obviously I approve