Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Business Time: Day 2 - DC

It turns out that business trips are mostly that - business.  Despite my best efforts to wake up before I needed to and spend two hours luxuriously getting dressed and eating breakfast while reading the paper, I woke up about a half hour before I needed to get downstairs and then went down early to help finish with set-up.  The rest of the day was spent being a bookseller at a conference - taking down requests for exam copies, explaining some of the highlights of our books, generally talking to professors about the classes they're teaching - which, it turns out, is quite different from either presenting at a conference or attending one. This conference is much bigger than any of the others I've been to, and it's been fascinating to see all the interviewing, book-proposing and general networking that goes on at it.  It's really making me consider going to the AWP next year.

After hours, I met up with Sarah, who was wonderful enough to come out and meet me for dinner on short-notice.  We ate at Mai Thai, which was really delicious, and spent about two hours talking which was, frankly, exactly what I needed today.  It was wonderful.

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