Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Business Time: NY to DC

I consider myself to be reasonably well-traveled, but one thing I've never done is travel alone.  Sure, I've flown by myself a few times, navigated with a map on my lonesome, and I've been in charge of my own passport for as long as I've had one (ten years this spring!).  But I've never spent a night alone in a hotel room.  Never not had someone with whom to eat dinner.  Never gone to a place I didn't know well without another person to back me up.

Until now. 

I'm in DC for a big conference right now, and this was always supposed to be my first business trip, so that on its own would have been interesting enough for me (now I can write about what to pack when you travel for business!).  But, Roger was originally supposed to come down with me.  There are several art exhibits closing in the next few weeks that he wanted to see, so the plan was for him to spend the days meandering around the city, and for us to share evenings and a fancy hotel together.  Unfortunately, his grandmother passed away last week, and the funeral arrangements meant that he couldn't come any longer.  So, I'm flying solo for the first time ever. 

Penn Station & Trip Reading

Thus far, it's been fine.  I'm trying to take this opportunity to get to know myself a little better, but, as it turns out, I know myself pretty well, and also, I have a lot of work to get done, so that's interrupting my self-discovery a bit.  The train ride (my first Amtrak ride ever - I am in love) was uneventful, and I spent a good amount of time gazing out the window.  The presence of technology (in the form of my smartphone) makes it much more difficult to really unwind, and to get reading/writing done.  I'll keep that in mind when planning our next trip.  Once work was over for the day, I was faced with my first awkward-alone task: dinner.  I decided on a Lebanese restaurant that was really good, and ordered take out to eat in the room.  On the king size bed I  have all to myself.  Then I crawled into a hot bath, and now I'm posting this before reading some more.  Mostly, it's what I would be doing if I was alone at home, except that everything has a small air of difference.  It's nice and relaxing and strange.

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