Monday, December 5, 2011

December Already?

Oh my.  It seems just when I think I'm caught up, things start all over again.  I can cook or take out the trash or do the laundry.  I can finish my schoolwork or keep on top of my work-work or paint our bedroom.  And for enjoyment, I can blog or knit or read or decorate for the holidays.  I'm always sad I can't do all four, but last weekend decorate I did:

I really love the idea of creating an advent calendar tradition, where each evening is a different activity (most of these have cute ideas), but I sort of realized that even though this is our first Christmas living together, it really isn't the right time for us to start such an intensive tradition.  Instead, we've been making up smaller traditions as we go along: popcorn while we made our Christmas cards (and listening to Sufjan Stevens as I filled them out); talking about all the places we've been while putting on the ornaments; lots of television and schoolwork in our pajamas.

Before the holiday itself, I'm hoping to add just a few more: making peppermint bark, visiting Rockefeller Center with my parents, and watching at least one holiday-themed movie.  There's time, in years to come, for knitting and baking and popcorn chains and paper crowns and good-luck drunkard's brunch on New Year's Day.


  1. I love your tree and the vintage-y lights!! I can't wait to begin our own Christmas traditions in the Brodie house. :)

  2. The nice thing about small spaces is that you can decorate them quickly, and enjoy them for a lot longer!! Beautiful!!!