Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meet Virginia

Welcome, 2012!  And, welcome, Virginia Woolf,* our new cat!

We adopted her on Monday, and have since spent most of our time at home cuddling with her.  She's a five-year-old domestic shorthair, and she is the cuddliest cat I've ever met.  She likes to play with her mice, but is afraid of balls with bells in them, along with most other loud noises.  She's also more vocal than any other cat I know, but in a generally sweet way.  We love her to bits, even if I did have a brief moment of panic after seeing just how much she loves to be near us.

We were deciding between Virginia Woolf and a slightly calmer, very beautiful, Russian blue with FIV, and since VDub has spent most nights sleeping on either my or Roger's pillow, yes, I worried I'd gotten ourselves into more commitment than we could really handle.**  But, just a few days in, she's chilled out a lot, and we love her to bits.

So, now we have a little personal assistant.  So far, Virginia Woolf has helped me read, cook dinner, and, oh yes, sleep.  And I couldn't be happier to have her around.

*Yep, my idea.  She was a part of my Christmas gift from Roger, so I feel okay about hijacking her naming rights.  We were deciding between Virginia Woolf and Mrs Dalloway, but VDub just seems to fit better.  She's serious and vocal and a non-traditional beauty and once Roger's mother said that "Virginia" sounded too much like "Vagina" I was sold. 100%.
**Commitmentphobic might be a New York stereotype, but people - 15 years?  That's a long time!  We are now reconsidering whether we want to ever have children.  My friend Sarah has pointed out, though, that "you can send kids to camp." 


  1. She's gorgeous! Congrats! Can't wait to meet (& snuggle with) her :)

  2. I love the first picture! what a pretty kitty :)

  3. VDub is beautiful! And I'm glad for you that she's chilled out a bit since she first arrived.

  4. I think you should call her by both names you picked - it'll make up for the baby cat not having one.

  5. She's beautiful! And I love pets will full names of their own, especially famous names. And, yes, 15 years is a big commitment, especially at a time in our lives when there's so much upheaval and change, but a guarantee you, it's a commitment you will never regret making. I can't wait to meet her!