Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Spontaneity

I went into this weekend with no plans and no expectations, and somehow ended up seeing two very good friends who both live far away.  Both Shelby and Christina texted me on Thursday saying they knew I must have plans, but that they were both going to be in the city on Saturday and did I want to hang out.  Did I ever!  Roger was at a work event all day on Saturday, so it was the perfect time to catch up. 

Christina and I had a really wonderful brunch at Crema (I highly recommend the burrito de mole poblano), and caught up on all our work and life gossip.  Then we headed north to the diamond district to look at jewelry, as you do.  We ooohed and ahhhed, and tried on some pieces, and oooohed and ahhhed some more.  Not everywhere was open, since it was Saturday and getting a little late in the day, but it was still a fun afternoon.  We grabbed a cup of coffee, and then headed our separate ways. 

Shelby was with her mother and some family friends to stay at the Marriott Marquis and see a show, and I was lucky enough to meet up with them at Sephora, where she was looking at make up for her wedding this fall.  We went back to the hotel and watched the red carpet for some sort of drag awards show.  Shelby and I were last at this hotel together for our high school prom in 2004, and very little has changed.  Strangely enough, I have a dream about the elevators at this hotel at least once a year.  They were no less horrifying this time than they are in my dreams, except that this time, they just stopped at our floor and didn't maddeningly plummet to the bowels of hell or shoot through the ceiling.  We ate dinner at the hotel, which was nice, and generally enjoyed ourselves in the room (we sampled Boylan's sodas from the gift shop and chatted about the Hunger Games movie and some of the books we've enjoyed recently). 

The moral of these stories is that I wish all my friends lived in one place, and that that place was around the corner from our apartment.

Sunday was mostly quiet and work-filled. I got a bit of writing done (never as much as I'd like), and Roger and I took a brief break to go shopping.  I bought these shoes for Shelby's wedding:

and now have just under six months to learn to walk in them.  I figure if I change into them instead of my slippers everyday after work, I should be golden.  If you have any tips (I've heard "practice practice practice" and "walk heel-to-toe slightly exaggerated"), they would be most appreciated.  Roger also bought me some much more sensible and much-loved black wedges as a belated birthday gift, which I'm even more excited to wear, since I can already walk in those.  The rest of the day was spent falling down the internet hole - which led to me read about Janet Cooke and some interesting weather phenomenon.  All in a weekend's work, my friends.


  1. Awww sounds like such a fun time! Makes me miss my friends....but those shoes are awesome!

    1. Thanks! I love them, and am also terrified by them. They don't look dangerous, but on my feet, they're sore toes and sprained ankles waiting to happen. We'll see how it goes...