Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Memorial Day

Oh, this old thing? Just some homemade iced tea. No big deal.

This weekend was probably the best sort of introduction to summer I could ask for: hot, filled with good friends and good food, and relaxing.  Roger and I both got out of work early on Friday and met up in Union Square for a late lunch at Republic, and then wandered around the Greenmarket getting some plants and food for the weekend.  I'm hoping to make the farmers market at Columbia more a part of my life this summer.  I've been slow about treking up there to get the things I love - fresh milk, good eggs, real vegetables - and I've been sad about it nearly all year.  Time to stop being sad and start making the trip.

Saturday I went for a run in the afternoon, even though I should have learned my lesson about that last Saturday.  It's hot, I get dehydrated (even though I now have a fancy water-bottle!), I get exhausted, I run really slowly and I still end up walking for at least half my miles.  I have to get more disciplined about running in the evenings, when it's a little less ridiculous out.  We put our secondhand air-conditioner in the bedroom, too, and while I am pretty against AC in a moral/environmental/financial way, I really, really love being able to sleep comfortably.  It's the first AC I've had in adulthood, and while I feel badly about having it, I'm trying to be conscientious and only use it at night on really hot days.  We had some friends over for drinks and dinner and board games that evening, and they complained about how warm it was in the living room while I was cooking, so that must be a good sign!

Sunday we spent most of the day relaxing, and then saw some old friends for a barbecue.  I made a German potato salad that was nearly as good as our family's resident Oma's potato salad (not quite, because, um, really now, what recipe isn't better when someone's grandma makes it?) and a "better than sex" cake, which was really quite good.  Recipes to follow for both soon.  Catching up with some people I haven't seen in years was really nice.  It's fascinating to me that at one point in my life, I saw these people everyday, and now we all live about the same distance apart again, and yet go years without meeting.  I've been thinking a lot about the nature of friendship and relationships in general, and this comes up a lot.

Roger's parents and brother came for brunch this morning, and it was nice to see them.  We talked about careers and jobs, and as always when I talk about these things, I was left in a tizzy.  At times, I'm so pleased to be just where I am, doing exactly what I'm doing.  I feel I'm moving forward and toward the places I want to be.  And then, at other times, I'm so anxious and impatient.  I worry I've stagnated and settled, and that I'll never achieve any of my goals.  I know it's silly to worry about - worrying won't make any goals happen sooner, and I always remind myself that life is about the journey - but when I think too hard about it, I just feel a bit too far from where I want to end up.  So, needless to say, I froze a washcloth for my neck, brewed up some iced tea, and spent the rest of the day responding to emails, putting together more of my submissions spreadsheets, and generally preparing to keep moving forward, one step at a time.  I think it made for a nice, balanced, long weekend.


  1. Wow...I just love everything about this post! First of all, homemade iced tea=YUM! What a perfect refreshing drink for a hotter than you-know-what weekend. It was way too hot here yesterday to be outside and do any of the DC Memorial Day festivities, so after an hour of playing tennis we decided we were done and retreated into the AC for the rest of the day. I give you kudos for being environmentally conscious about the kind of thing--we live in a basement so luckily it's pretty cool anyway but our landlady almost always has the AC going so it's extra cool.

    As for careers and jobs...I've been feeling that way a lot too. When you think about it, is anyone really happy with their job? There always seems like there is something better out there, something more you could be doing to better yourself, being anxious about missing out on things. You are right that life is about the journey and we are still starting out in the journey!

    Anyway. Sorry for the rambling. Everything you said just struck a note and I had to comment on everything. :) Also, I love German potato salad. It's a staple at family picnics for us!

    1. Haha - I love your long comment! Your weekend sounds pretty great as well! A little bit of tennis and a patio party sounds perfect.

      I'm glad that I'm not alone in the feeling confused about careers. I think you're completely right - there's always something more to strive for. If we didn't have that, life might be a bit boring! The important thing is to try for more while still appreciating everything we have already, I think.