Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poem for Shelby's Wedding II: Cave Dwellers

Although I fill my life with poetry everyday, I think it's something we especially turn to at times of celebration and times of need.  My best friend, Shelby, is getting married this Friday, and because I love her as much as I love poetry, I've decided to spend this week posting poems that I hope will help prepare her for her wedding and for married life afterward.  This poem, "Cave Dwellers," by A. Poulin Jr. is the second.  I hope it will remind her that love is one of our deepest, primordial instincts, something sacred because it is inherent to our nature and to our survival as humans.

Cave Dwellers (A. Poulin Jr.)

I’ve carved a cave in the mountainside.
I’ve drilled for water, stocked provisions
to last a lifetime. The walls are smooth.
We can live here, love, safe from elements.
We’ll invent another love that can’t destroy.
We’ll make exquisite reproductions of our
selves, immortal on these walls.

                                                 And when
this sea that can’t support us is burned clean,
when the first new creatures crawl from it,
gasping for water, air, more wondrous and more
wild than earth’s first couple, they shall see
there were two before them: you and me.

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