Saturday, September 29, 2012

Poem for Shelby's Wedding V: Found Letter

Although I fill my life with poetry everyday, I think it's something we especially turn to at times of celebration and times of need.  My best friend, Shelby, got married this Friday, and because I love her as much as I love poetry, I decided to spend this week posting poems that I hoped would help prepare her for her wedding and for married life afterward.  This final poem, "Found Letter" by Joshua Weiner, is the one of my favorites, and the one I read at their wedding yesterday as a toast.  It just about covers everything that I wish for Shelby and Mike, both as individuals and as a couple.  So, Shelby and Mike, I hope you've enjoyed this series in your honor, and that you have a wonderful honeymoon in Jamaica tomorrow.  Congratulations!

Found Letter (Joshua Weiner)

What makes for a happier life, Josh, comes to this:   
Gifts freely given, that you never earned;   
Open affection with your wife and kids;   
Clear pipes in winter, in summer screens that fit;   
Few days in court, with little consequence;   
A quiet mind, a strong body, short hours   
In the office; close friends who speak the truth;   
Good food, cooked simply; a memory that’s rich   
Enough to build the future with; a bed   
In which to love, read, dream, and re-imagine love;   
A warm, dry field for laying down in sleep,   
And sleep to trim the long night coming;   
Knowledge of who you are, the wish to be   
None other; freedom to forget the time;   
To know the soul exceeds where it’s confined   
Yet does not seek the terms of its release,   
Like a child’s kite catching at the wind   
That flies because the hand holds tight the line.

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