Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One Human Family: Day 1

December 18, 2012: New York, NY to Miami, FL to Key West, FL
We left the house at 4am to catch the M60 to Laguardia, and started our first vacation in nearly two years.  After the quick trip (who knew how close we live to LGA?!), we had checked in and made it through security just in time to board what we quickly discovered was Roger's first domestic flight.  ("Why aren't there TVs in every seat?  What do you mean they don't serve a meal?")  It was an otherwise uneventful flight, and we landed in Miami and headed to the rental car center for our second "first," renting our first car.  We tried to drive the wrong car out of the lot (oops), but remedied that quickly and headed onto Route 1.

Roger at Island Fish Company

We'd been on more northern parts of Route 1 before, and really enjoyed it, so taking in the southern parts seemed like a great idea.  It's absolutely gorgeous, with much of the road going straight over bridges throughout the Keys, and looking out onto the water.  Roger, who hadn't gone to sleep the night before because he was finishing a paper (oh, grad school), slept most of the ride, and I enjoyed driving in quiet and taking in all the sights.  We stopped for lunch at Island Fish Company in Marathon. We watched pelicans dive into the water and hang out on the pier, and enjoyed conch chowder and fish tacos on their sunny outside deck.

Our Hotel

We arrived in Key West a few hours later, and checked into our hotel, Southernmost Hotel.  My mother booked it for us when I complained a few weeks ago that I couldn't handle the stress of finding a hotel and writing poems (thanks, mom!), and it was a fantastic choice.  It's on Duval Street, so it's very close to all the touristy things, but it's at the end and on a beach, so it was very quiet and relaxing.  The staff was wonderful, and if you're looking for a good place to stay in Key West, I would 100% recommend it.  We took in some sun on their private pier, and had piƱa coladas before taking a walk down Duval Street to see a bit more of town.  We split conch fritters and a salad for dinner at Caroline's, where we watched a number of people in Christmas-themed outfits at the bar.  Duval Street is an interesting place, indeed.

The first of several tropical drinks we'd enjoy in Florida.

Next up: Massages, sunset, and happy hour!

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