Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Human Family: Day 2

December 19, 2012: Key West, FL
We slept late on Wednesday, which was blissful.  After a pretty stressful last few weeks of school, we really needed the rest, and Key West was just the place for it.  We decided to really bliss out by getting a couple's massage at Prahna Spa.  It was the first time we'd ever done a spa treatment together (and the first time Roger's ever done a spa treatment, period), and it was absolutely lovely.  We took a walk up Whitehead Street to kill a bit of time before our 12:30 appointment, and then got in to the spa a tiny bit early.  The served us water and let us relax in their waiting area for a few minutes before our two masseurs came in and asked us to remove our shoes before bringing us upstairs to the couples' loft.  The spa was beautifully decorated, and the masseurs were really fantastic.  It made for a wonderful experience for both of us, since we both tend to carry stress in our backs.  Much more affordable than the other spas we looked at, it was the perfect treat to start off our vacation.  The only thing that could have made it better was a sauna and dipping pools.  Even without those, it was dreamy.

On the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

Afterward, we walked over to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, and relaxed on the beach there.  We did a bit of swimming (Roger's not big on snorkeling), and took in the gorgeous sun.  We briefly talked about visiting the fort on the grounds there, and then remembered that we really didn't have to do anything while we were on vacation.  Usually we're so busy rushing around from city to city, trying to see everything there is to see.  We love those vacations, but Key West was meant to be a real departure from that for us - just a week of resting and relaxing.  So saying "no" to seeing the fort, and just lounging for a few hours without any guilt about missing something, was a huge step for us.

Sunset montage!

We headed back to the hotel and watched the sunset from the beach before taking in the happy hour at their beach cafe.  We enjoyed rum runners, which I'd never had before, and with which I instantly fell in love, and some truly delicious ahi-tuna sliders.  After happy hour, we wandered around for a bit and then had some beers and split a sloppy joe at, you guessed it, Sloppy Joe's.  It was really delicious, and a lot of fun to be at Hemingway's old haunt.  They had a bit of live music (we discovered that every bar in Key West has live music, and it's usually a man on an acoustic guitar playing 90s hits).

Happy Hour fare!

Roger wanted to go out drinking afterward, but I was exhausted, and in typical Kristin-fashion, more or less forced him to go to sleep by 11pm.  (Sorry, Roger!)  If I had been less lame, we would have gone to Ricky's, which has an open bar and dancing for $15.  If I had been really cool, we might even have gone to the Garden of Eden, a nude bar (!).  And, if I truly wasn't me at all and able to put aside my feelings on feminism and performativity, we could have taken in a drag show at LaTeDa.  But, I yam who I yam, and all that I yam is a lady who enjoys going to sleep early.

Next up: Cuban bagels, the Hemingway House, and the Southernmost Point in the US.


  1. Looks like so much fun! And warm to boot.

    1. We had a really wonderful time! And now that it's snowing here, I'm glad we got in a little warmth before winter really started.