Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Human Family: Day 4

December 21, 2012: Key West, FL
We woke up on Friday morning shockingly not hungover, and intending to visit Bahia Honda State Park.  It is supposed to be one of the nicest beaches in the US, and we were really looking forward to spending the day on it's clear waters and white sands.  Unfortunately, it was colder than it had been all week (at, you know, 70°F) and windy, and so the day didn't seem right for sitting on the beach. 

Instead, we explored a bit more of the island, taking a long walk to a coffee-shop we never found.  We did, however, find a souvenir shop called the Pelican Poop Shoppe, which happened to be in the building that Hemingway stayed in on his first trip to the island.  Alarmingly, it had some racist memorabilia (not the first we'd seen on this trip, unfortunately), so we headed out pretty quickly, and ended up stopping at an organic grocer for coffee.  We continued to wander a bit until lunch time, when we stopped for one of the best meals of our trip, at Garbo's Grill.  The food was so good!  I had a fish quesadilla, which was just the right amount of spicy, and had a huge amount of fish and cheese on it.  Roger enjoyed the kogi dog, which was enormous, and covered in delicious things like kimichi, cabbage, and diakon.   We could easily have split either of our meals, but we really wanted to try some of the different things on the menu, and even though we were both stuffed afterward, we were glad we'd gotten so stuffed on something so delicious.

Hammock sitting

We continued to wander and did a bit of souvenir shopping for my requisite ornament collection and a few gifts for family, and then headed back to our little beach for some reading.  It was chilly, but we cuddled in the hammock, and enjoyed our books before stopping in for one last happy hour at the bar.  Around 5pm, we walked over to Mallory Square, to enjoy their sunset ceremony.  The square was filled with street performers.  I usually walk straight past street performers, but here, it was a lot of fun to watch for a bit.  We saw a man who has been jumping through hoops (literally) for twenty years, and another man who juggled lit torches while riding a giant unicycle.  He was particularly funny, at one point saying, "All you guys with cameras, please don't put my picture up on the internet.  My mom thinks I'm in college.  Gosh, I wish that wasn't true."  We watched the beautiful sunset (everyone clapped when it finally set), and then did a bit more wandering before deciding to stop at DJ's Clam Shack for dinner and some people watching.  We saw some of the Conch Trains go by with people in Christmas outfits hanging out the sides, and a man riding a tricycle all lit up with lights and a radio playing holiday music.  It was quite the scene, and the food wasn't too shabby at all.  We stopped by the hotel bar for a night cap and a quick dip in the pool before heading to sleep.

Sunset at Mallory Square

Next up: We road trip to Miami and enjoy some Cuban cuisine!

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